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VEX ARM9 Microcontroller

 VEX ARM9 Microcontroller
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VEXpro ARM9 Microcontroller

P/N: 217-2180

Smarter, faster, stronger...

The VEXpro ARM9 Microcontroller, aimed at universities and the research market, provides the power and sophistication that the most advanced VEX users want.

  • ARM9 user processor running at 200Mhz
  • Supports 802.11 b/g wireless
  • (12) Standard 3-wire PWM Motor Ports
  • (4) "Smart" 2-wire Motor Ports
  • (16) High-Res (12 bit) Analog Inputs
  • (16) Fast Digital I/O Ports
  • (1) I2C Port
  • (1) UART Serial Port

Note: The VEX ARM9 Microcontroller is designed for advanced users. This product is not designed to be used in a primary or secondary classroom and is not legal for the VEX Robotics Competition. This product is only compatible with the VEXnet USB Key, which is now discontinued. Please contact support with any questions.




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  • Getting Started with the VEXpro ARM9 Microcontroller
  • VEXpro ARM9 Microcontroller User's Guide
  • VEXpro ARM9 Microcontroller Software Library
  • Overview

    The VEXpro ARM9 Microcontroller is a redesign of the popular Qwerk microcontroller as a result of a collaboration between VEX and Charmed Labs. The ARM9 Microcontroller is designed to be used by advanced users.

    The ARM9 Microcontroller uses standard 802.11b/g communication. This will allow (with programming) highly configurable communication to PC's and wireless networks. The Carnegie Mellon Telepresence Robot Kit (TeRK) project provides a powerful feature to the ARM9 Microcontroller allowing robot control and video feedback across the internet. The controller can be operated from PC and Linux machines.

    The VEXpro ARM9 Microcontroller requires a 7.2V Robot Battery, a VEXnet USB Adapter Key and a PC running Windows or Linux.
    NOTE: The VEXpro ARM9 Microcontroller is not compatible with the VEXnet Key 2.0.

    A USB A to mini B cable (sold separately) is required to configure Wifi encryption and to update firmware.

Technical Specifications

Kit Contents (1) VEXpro ARM9 Microcontroller
Downloads & Docs Getting Started with the VEX ARM9 Microcontroller
VEX ARM9 Microcontroller User's Guide
VEX ARM9 Microcontroller Software Library
Battery In
  • Voltage:7.2 volts nominal, 5 to 12 volts min/max.
  • Type:Six AA batteries or 7.2V Robot Battery
  • Current:330mA nominal, 500mA maximum for Controller & Receiver plus Motors, Servos & VEXnet
I/O Ports (12) 3-wire Motor Outputs
  • Usage:For 3-wire VEX motors, Motor Controller 29s or servos
  • Type:Hobby standard PWM
  • Refresh:Every 18.5 mSec

(4) 2-wire Motor Outputs
  • Usage: For 2-wire VEX motors
  • Type:H-Bridge
  • Refresh:Every 1 mSec

  • (1) I2C "Smart Sensor" Port
    • Usage:Future I2C Products

    (1) UART Serial Port
    • Usage:VEX LCD Module

    (16) 12-bit Analog Inputs
    • Analog In:12-bit resolution. 10 ╬╝Sec access time.

    (16) Fast Digital I/O (can be used as interrupts)
    • Digital In:150 kHz input frequency.

    (1) Internal Speaker
    • Usage:Output sound, voice and music

    (2) USB Ports
    • Usage:For connecting USB devices (including VEXnet USB Adapter Key)

    (1) USB mini-B Port
    • Usage:Allows access to the VEXPro's main Linux console
Microcontroller ARM9 User Processor
  • Speed:220 MIPS (Million Instructions Per Second)
  • Flash:16MB program space
Programming Linux 2.6 (Openembedded)
Size 4.25in W x 6.5in L x 1.25in H
  • .66 lbs (299 grams)
    • Actual weight one item (no packaging)