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VEX IQ Magnetic Beam Pair

 VEX IQ Magnetic Beam Pair
  • The opposite poles of the Magnetic Beam Pair attract each other!
  • Magnetic Beams on a VEX IQ robot, picking up some VEX EDR pieces (sold separately)

Magnetic Beam Pair

P/N: 228-3167

VEX IQ 1x4 Beams with magnets attached at one end. Use Magnetic Beams to teach students how magnets work by comparing how they interact with ferrous metals (or other Magnetic Beams) vs non-magnetic items. Attach them to VEX IQ robots to create new object manipulation tools.

  • Contains one North and one South Pole
  • Responds to any ferrous metal or standard magnet
  • Color-coded for easy sorting

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Technical Specifications

(1) North Pole Magnetic Beam
(1) South Pole Magnetic Beam
  • Material Type:
  • - Magnets: Neodymium / Iron / Boron