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Classroom Competition Teacher's Handbook

Classroom Competition Teacher's Handbook

P/N: 275-1419

I've never taught robotics or STEM before!
I've never been part of a robotics competition!
I don't know anything about VEX!
... Where do I begin?

The Teacher's Handbook includes everything you need to know to implement the VEX Classroom Competition Program, regardless of your experience level. After being involved for so many years, we've become educational, competition, and robotics experts. We've taken this expertise and compiled the pieces most important for your program in one handy resource.



What's Included

Tools to help develop your robotics class

  • Sample Semester Outline
  • Guide to match your VEX class to national STEM educational standards
  • Example elements to implement in your STEM class
  • Rubrics and evaluation criteria

A Guide to the VEX Robotics Design System

  • Overview of VEX
  • Lessons on each of the VEX sub-systems (i.e. Motion, Structure, Power, etc)
  • Guide to common terminology

Lesson content for robotics related STEM topics

  • Torque, Friction, Traction, DC Motors, Gearing, Rotating Joints, Systems Integration, and more!

Step-by-step guide through the robot build process

  • Teacher's Guide to the Swept Away game manual – descriptions of each section
  • How to analyze the game and choose a strategy
  • Detailed description of the engineering design process

Tips for competing at a robotics tournament

Detailed guide to running a robotics competition in your classroom with only one teacher

  • Sample event schedule
  • Tips for robot inspection
  • Robot inspection checklist
  • Tournament management guide
  • Tips for referees
  • Match score cards
  • Sample award certificates

Description of "What's Next" and examples of how to expand your STEM program to the next level.

Technical Specifications

Kit Contents (1) Teacher's Handbook