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75 MHz Transmitter & Receiver


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75 MHz Transmitter & Receiver

P/N: 276-2153

This kit includes a VEX 75Mhz Transmitter and Receiver. Provides the radio control link which allows human operators direct control of a VEX robot. Transmitter is a 6-channel (4-analog, 2-digital) hobby grade FM unit, custom configured for VEX.

  • 6 Input Channels (4-analog, 2-digital).
  • 75Mhz, multi-frequency via RF crystals. 10 Channels.
  • Two transmitters can connect to one robot.
  • Multi-configuration with digital trim and channel mixing.
  • Includes robot tether port.

Discontinued. Available while supplies last.


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Transmitter and Receiver: These provides the link between the robot and the human operator. Commands are entered through the joysticks and buttons on the RF Transmitter, and sent through the air via FM radio waves to the RF Receiver module mounted on the robot. In addition to providing the control link, the transmitter can be used to alter robot control options, such as drive configuration and joystick trims and scaling.
Tether Port: Sometimes for diagnostic purposes, it may be useful to plug the transmitter directly into the Microcontroller, and bypass the need for the RF Receiver. This would help you determine, for instance, whether radio interference is at fault for your robot behaving strangely, or if some other factor is to blame. In order to use the tether feature, you will need to purchase a cable. Any telephone handset extension cable will work (the coiled cable that goes from the handset to the base of a corded phone, not the cable that goes from the phone to the wall).

Technical Specifications

Kit Contents
  • (1)Transmitter unit
  • (1)Transmitter frequency module - channel 89
  • (1)RF receiver module
  • (1)Receiver crystal - channel 89
  • (1)Receiver antenna sleeve
  • (1)Receiver antenna sleeve holder
  • (5)Keps nuts
  • (5)8-32 x 3/8" Screws
  • (1)Inventor's Guide Insert
  • (1)9" RJ-10 cable to Microcontroller
Downloads & Docs Inventor's Guide - Control
Compatibility 75MHz Crystals
Radio Frequency Channel 89, 75.970 MHz
User Inputs 6 Channels (4 Analog and 2 Digital)
Analog Channels = 2 potentiometers, each with an X and Y axis.
Digital Channels = 4 momentary switches (located on the backside)
Batteries 8 AA batteries (not included)
Compatible with the 9.6V Battery and Smart Charger
Size 8in W x 8in H x 2.5in D
Weight Tx Weight: 1.63 lbs. approx.
Rx Weight: 0.05 lbs. approx.

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