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VEX Omni Directional Wheel

 VEX Omni Directional Wheel
  • VEX Omni Directional Wheel
  • VEX Omni Directional Wheel on a Robot
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2.75" Omni Directional Wheel (2-pack)

P/N: 276-2165

Reinvent the wheel!

Omni-Directional wheels roll forward like normal wheels, but slide sideways with almost no friction (no skidding during turns). Use these wheels to make your robot turn smoothly or build a holonomic drivetrain. These wheels are the same size as the VEX 2.75" dia. Wheels.

  • 2.75" Omni Wheels roll sideways with very little friction.
  • Minimize skidding during turns.
  • Build a holonomic drive.

Discontinued. Available while supplies last. We recommend the 2.75" Omni Directional Wheel - Double Roller as a replacement option.




As the name suggests, an omni-directional wheel can travel in more than one direction. When the axle spins, it behaves like a normal wheel. However, you’ll notice that there are rollers all around the outer circumference. These rollers allow the wheel to travel sideways as well!

Technical Specifications

Kit Contents
  • (2)2.75" Omni-Directional Wheels
  • (1)Inventor's Guide Insert
Downloads & Docs Inventor's Guide - Omni-Directional Wheel
Compatibility Drive Shafts (0.125" square bar)
Material Type
  • Wheel:ABS Plastic
  • Roller:Soft Rubber over ABS Plastic
  • Diameter:2.750" (69.9mm)
  • Width:0.761" (19.3mm)
  • 0.074 lbs (33.6 grams)
    • Actual weight one one item (no packaging)