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VEX Advanced Gear Kit

 VEX Advanced Gear Kit

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  • Worm Gear
  • Worm Wheel
  • Differential Frame
  • Advanced Gear Kit Screws

Advanced Gear Kit

P/N: 276-2184

Build complex mechanical systems!

This kit provides several options for advanced motion. These parts allow advanced mechanical VEX designers to create new ingenious mechanisms.

  • Create Linear Motion with the Rack Gears.
  • Transfer Motion 90 degrees with Bevel Gears.
  • Add a Differential to your Drivetrain.
  • Get a high-reduction with the Worm Gears.
  • Increase design possibilities for your robots.

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This kit contains several gear types designed to help you build advanced mechanical systems. The rack gear will mount on any VEX metal component, mesh with any VEX gear to create linear motion systems. The worm gears allow users to create very high reduction gearing in a small package; these gears will also resist "back driving" which may be useful in some applications. The kit comes with several bevel gears which allow designers to transfer motion "around corners"; you can change the axis of motion by 90 degrees. These bevel gears can also be used with the differential frame to build a differential. This can be utilized to create more efficient "car style" drivetrains.

Technical Specifications

Kit Contents
Downloads & Docs Instruction Sheet - Advanced Gears
Compatibility Drive Shafts (0.125" square bar)
Rack Gears and Differential Frame mate with all VEX Spur Gears.
Worm Gears only mate with the Worm wheel.
24-tooth bevel gear only mate with themselves.
Material Type Acetal
  • Diff Frame:Requires (3) 24-tooth bevel gear to make a functional differential.
  • Rack Gear:These can be combined continuously to create a rack of 20" (508mm)
  • Worm Gear:0.75" (19.1mm) long
  • Rack Gear:2.50" (63.5mm) long

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