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Chassis Kit, Medium

 Chassis Kit, Medium
  • Chassis Kit, Medium (Shown With Wheels)
  • Chassis Kit, Small
  • Chassis Kit, Small (Shown With Wheels)
  • Chassis Kit, Large
  • Chassis Kit, Large (Shown With Wheels)
  • Chassis Kit, Super
  • Chassis Kit, Super (Shown With Wheels)

Chassis Kits (4-sizes)

VEX Robotics chassis kits are larger versions of the VEX standard kit chassis. Mix and match to make a total of 16 different chassis sizes.

  • Four sizes available: 15x16, 25x25, 35x35, and 35x35 super.
    • Note: Chassis sizes are listed by number of VEX holes, (i.e. a 15x25 chassis is 15-holes wide x 25-holes long).
  • The Rails and Angles are also available individually.
  • 100% VEX Robotics compatible.
  • Hardware not included.

These chassis use a design similar to the ProtoBot chassis, including (2) bumpers and (4) rails. The flexibility and variety of design options makes these chassis great for any robot project.

  • Variable chassis width by mounting the rails inward.
  • Space between rails for protected chain or gear reduction.
  • Extra "fifth hole" in the center of four holes adds additional flexibility.
  • Wheels may be mounted outboard or between the rails.
  • Bumpers may be mounted up-side-down for more flexible designs.
  • The "Super" chassis is taller with more vertical mounting locations.
Product Name P/N: Availability Price Qty
Chassis Kit, Small 15x16 276-2024
In Stock
Chassis Kit, Medium 25x25 275-1033
In Stock
Chassis Kit, Large 35x35 275-1034
In Stock
Chassis Kit, Super 35x35 275-1035

Technical Specifications

  • (2) Bumpers
  • (4) Rails
Material Type: Cold Rolled Steel per ASTM A-1008 CS Type B (approx 40ksi tensile strength)

Material Thickness: 0.046" (1.17mm)

Material Finish: Zinc Plated

Hole Size: 0.182 square (VEX standard)

  • Small Chassis Kit 15x16 - 0.84 lbs
  • Medium Chassis Kit 25x25 - 1.3 lbs
  • Large Chassis Kit 35x35 - 1.8 lbs
  • Super Chassis Kit 35x35 - 2.95 lbs