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FRC-Legal VEX PRO Products

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Jaguar Motor Controller

Variable speed control for both 12 V and 24 V brushed DC motors at up to 40 A continuous current. Analog and quadrature encoder interfaces, high performance Controller Area Network (CAN) interfaces, and an RS232 port.

  • Quiet control of brushed DC motors.
  • High current capacity with low voltage drop.
  • Color-coded screw terminals for all power wiring.

P/N: 217-3367
CIM Motor

The CIM motor can be used to power a drivetrain or other mechanism on large competitive robots.

  • FRC Legal
  • 12V DC Motor

P/N: 217-2000
In stock
Spike H-Bridge Relay

Spike is a 20 Amp, H-Bridge Relay Module that is small enough to be remotely mounted almost anywhere on your robot. Spike is designed for driving small motors in forward, reverse, or stop (brake).

  • Ideal for 2 independent solenoids, light, pumps.
  • Design will accept auto-resetting circuit breaker.
  • Compact design.

P/N: 217-0220
In stock
2-Wire Motor 393

The 2 Wire Motor 393 provides 60% more output power than the standard motor, which allows for more powerful mechanisms and drive bases.

  • Strong, steel internal gears.
  • Can be configured into a "high speed" version.

P/N: 276-2177
In stock
2-Wire Motor 393 w/ Motor Controller 29

A convenient bundle that includes (1) 2-Wire Motor 393 and (1) Motor Controller 29.

P/N: 276-1668
In stock
Motor Controller 29

The Motor Controller 29 goes between a 3-wire Motor Port on a VEX Microcontroller and a VEX 2-Wire Motor. It uses a standard PWM signal to provide motor control.

P/N: 276-2193
In stock
20A Spare Fuse for Spike (5-pack)
Spare Fuse Pack for Spike Relay.

P/N: 217-0206
Call for Availability
Tread Attachment Rivet (13-pack)

Rivets for Roughtop or Wedgetop tread. Change tread quickly using these rivets.

  • Sold in a pack of 13 rivets.
  • Requires a pop-rivet tool to install.

P/N: 217-0396
In stock
3-Wire Extension Cables (7 options)

Extension cables are used to extend the length of a 3-wire cable such that a motor or motor controller can be farther from a VEX Microcontroller or other 3-wire application.

3-Wire Extension Cables are available in lengths of 6, 12, 24 or 36 inches. 4-packs are available for each size. There is also a 3-Wire "Y" Cable available in a length of 6". "Y"-cables allow 2 motors or servos to be driven by a single microcontroller output.

In stock
F-F 3-Wire Adapter Cable 12" (4-pack)

These 12" long 3-wire cables have female connectors on both ends. Use them for interfacing VEX components with other non-VEX systems.

P/N: 276-2395
In stock
10 Item(s) Show per page
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