Museum’s new robotics lab will foster STEM education

A museum in Sacramento has added a robotics lab.

The Discovery Museum Science and Space Center in Sacramento, California, recently announced it has completed a new robotics lab. The museum said the new lab will foster principles taught in STEM education.

With the new lab, students will be offered full-class, hands-on robotics programming training. It will also offer an after school robotics club and competitive robotics teams for students between the ages of 9 and 14. The latter is a move to foster robotics in the classroom that may not be offered at all schools.

“The opening of the Discovery Museum's robotics lab is a major step forward in creating the new Powerhouse Science and Space Center,” Sandy Sheedy, a Sacramento City Council member, told the Central Valley Business Times.

Robotics education will play a key part of the Powerhouse Science Center, which will become the new home of the Discovery Museum Science and Space Center in 2013.

STEM education and robotics in the classroom are two things that are gaining much national attention lately. In his latest budget proposal, President Obama aimed to put an emphasis on expanding the scope of STEM education in the country's educational system.

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