Massachusetts school praised for focus on robotics

STEM and robotics programs are praised at a Massachusetts high school.

The school system in Newton, Massachusetts, recently received much praise for its focus on STEM education and a robot curriculum, according to a recent Newton Patch report.

At a school committee meeting, Newton deputy superintendent Paul Stein praised the system's Career and Vocational Technical Education program and Newton's Lab, an innovative teaching environment at Newton North High School, "where teachers, students and businesses can explore and develop ideas to help move education forward," according to the report.

“If you ever want a powerful image of how schools have changed, you can look at our Career and [Vocational Technical] Program,” Stein said.

Specifically, the robotics curriculum was one of a number of Career and Vocational Technical Education programs recognized by the school board. The group also pointed out the fact that Newton's Lab offers robotics programs for students in kindergarten all the way through 12th grade.

Overall, Massachusetts has been shown to be a leader in promoting STEM education. Through partnerships with the National Governors Association Center for Best Practices and the education partnership's Innovate + Educate, the state will serve as a model for STEM initiatives for others to follow.

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