Grant will allow school to expand robotics

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Robotics will be among the clubs expanded at the Quaker Valley School District in Sewickley, Pennsylvania, as the result of a grant worth $250,000, according to the Sewickley Herald.

The school district received the grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Education, the newspaper reports. Superintendent Joseph Clapper said some of the funds will go toward expanding "popular clubs," which include robotics and art programs.

"We're really looking to expand and enhance the arts and technology for middle school students, both during the day and after school," he told the newspaper. "We'd like to see those continue and expand to students who have an interest in them."

Overall, Clapper said about 100 middle school students in the school district participate in either arts or robotics.

A grant is also serving to further promote robotics education in the Springfield, Massachusetts, area. The funding was secured, in part, by Paula Thayer, the city's assistant director of recreation. With the grant, the Van Sickle Middle School will host a six-week robotics program this summer.

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