Companies prefer STEM trained interns

STEM-minded students may be more successful in securing technical internships

Students in Annapolis, Maryland, who are trained in science, technology, engineering and math may have better luck getting competitive industry internships, reported Edgewater-Davidson Patch.

Businesses in Anne Arundel County are encouraged by government officials to support local students who participated in STEM magnet programs. According to the news source, interns will receive valuable experience in technical fields as well as be given the chance to show prospective future employers their technical skills.

"The way you write a computer program is incredibly complex, but I couldn’t explain it to you before STEM," Nicholas Manoogian, a high school senior, told the media outlet.

To date, the STEM focused program has matched more than 200 students with 52 local businesses. City officials and business planners alike claim the internships may combat the high unemployment rate in Annapolis as well as create the potential technology workforce of the future, stated Edgewater-Davidson Patch.

According to the Atlantic, the STEM industry is seeing a high percentage of job vacancies in fields ranging from robotics to computer software development. To combat this trend, new education initiatives have been started in classrooms throughout the United States.

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