Hotel patrons greeted by robotics

Robotic arms handles luggage

Guests at a new hotel in New York City are welcomed by a robotics device when they first walk through the front entrance, reported the Wall Street Journal.

Deployed by Yotel, a new hotel with a hip technology focus, the robotics arm helps automate the check-out process. According to the news source, the device stands at 20-feet tall and stores luggage left behind by guests who want to remain in the city after the morning check-out time. When guests come back, the system identifies the correct bags and returns them to their owners.

However, the media outlet claimed bellhops worried about losing their jobs need not fear, as there are still human run services in the hotel, such as check-in attendants and other customer service assistants.

Experts say robotics are now being implemented in a variety of roles that, while innovative, are practical solutions for advanced technology. Therefore, it is entirely likely that more automated machines, like the robotics arm featured at Yotel, will make their way into industries reliant on delivering customers services efficiently.

According to the news broadcaster KMOV, the robotics arm, while highly-advanced, does not accept tips from thankful hotel patrons.

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