Japanese pop star actually a robot

Robotic pop star gives outsiders a look into Japan's unique technology culture

In a bizarre twist, it turns out that Aimi Eguchi, a member of the popular Japanese singing group AKB 48, is not exactly human, reported the Atlantic Wire. Instead, she is a "digital composite" of the band members' best features.

Taking some of best human elements and melding them with a functioning digital display was the idea of creator Yashusi Akimoto. However, the announcement came after suspicions began to rise due to the fact that virtually nothing about Aimi's background was found on the internet and nobody outside the organization surrounding the music group had seen her in person, reported the news source.

The announcement of Aimi's true nature was not met with outrage by the Japanese people. Instead, it was seen by robotics specialists and sociologists alike as a clever affirmation of the nation's uniquely technological culture, claimed the media outlet. Innovative uses for robots have permeated several sectors of Japanese society, and the current generation is the major driving force behind this trend.

While Japan is having fun with its robots, others are also putting the systems to use in critical industries. According to Gizmodo, pharmacists working with the University of California in San Francisco are developing robotics systems to dispense patient medications efficiently.

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