Korean robot has worldwide education ambitions

Schoolchildren kept engaged by robotics device

According to Dvice, a new educational robotics system has been developed by Korea's Robot Institute to teach school children in the country and elsewhere.

Dubbed the Kiro Robot, the device was originally designed to be an electronic museum guide, stated the news source. Accordingly, it performed its duties well enough that company executives considered implementing the robotics system in the classroom.

Developers have big plans for the Kiro Robot. Unlike other east Asian companies, Korea's Robot Institute plans to market the device worldwide. The media outlet claimed the robotics system will likely find its way to the American marketplace sometime in the future.

Kiro recently completed a three-week trial program to test its effectiveness in an actual educational setting, reported Engadget. The functions it performed during the pilot included running educational videos on one of its screens and playing interactive games with eager school children. Program observers noted the educational device kept students engaged in the daily lesson, thereby proving its worth as a teacher's aid.

Kiro also had an after-hours job during this time period as a museum guide at the Dong-A University Museum in Busan, South Korea, reported the news organization.

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