Robotic artist a success, yet far from perfect

Robotic artist come complete with internal inspiration

According to Gizmodo, robots that can replicate exactly what they see with microscopic precision may lack the inspiration inherent in their human creators. However, a new robotics sketching system may reveal some soul behind the circuits.

One device, in partiuclar, named Paul may be imperfect, but its creator Patrick Tresset insists it is undeniably stylish, claimed the news source. Tresset, favoring originality over precision, built Paul with less expensive servomotors than ones commonly featured in industrial-grade devices. The result is a robotic arm capable of registering an object through sensors and drawing it with a large degree of expression.

"I try to make robotic installations that touch people," said Tresset. "I believe that a robot that slightly fails is more interesting, more touching – it encourages empathy in the viewer."

On the media outlet's website, it shows Paul drawing a profile of a human face. While some of the pen strokes are imperfect, the overall image resembles the subject on a basic level.

Perhaps Paul may collaborate with other robotic artists. According to IBN, a new robotic system developed by researchers with the University of London called the AIKON-II also has the ability to draw. Furthermore, Tresset had a hand in this project as well.

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