Robotics initiatives provide students guidance

STEM-focused students may pursue a career in robotics

Most high school students have no idea what they want to do with their lives, though education in science, technology, engineering and math may point them towards technical careers, reported the Business Review.

Schools across the country are creating more STEM options and groups, such as robotics clubs, to promote a greater emphasis on scientific learning, stated the news source. For one student at Balton Spa High School in Balton Spa, New York, involvement with his school's robotics club pointed him in the a new direction.

"That hammered it home," said Jake Torrey, a student at the high school. "I decided to go into engineering because it’s a safer route with more career opportunities."

According to the media outlet, STEM supporters are creating more opportunities for students in the United States to experience technical subjects. Furthermore, many of these committed individuals are working with school districts to solidify budget considerations and funding for these programs, which is no small task given the current economy.

Robotics programs in the classroom meet STEM criteria, as well as garner student interests through hands on activity, reported the Atlantic.

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