STEM initiative celebrates five-year anniversary

STEM program features aerospace exposure

NASA recently announced this summer will mark the fifth year its High School Aerospace Scholars Program has partnered with the Washington Aerospace Scholars.

The collaborative scholarship program is intended to foster student interests in science, technology, engineering and math related fields. To date, 1,160 students have passed through the program, in which STEM-minded children can also participate in a seasonal program through the Seattle Museum of Flight.

The summer initiative presents itself as a valuable opportunity for students interested in aviation and other technical subjects to gain some exposure to scientific industries.

"There are few opportunities available for such an in-depth, free education in this field. It was a unique opportunity to interact with experts in the field on engineering and aviation," said Amanda Watson, a previous program participant.

Those who wish to take part in the Seattle museum's summer residency need to take a series of tests on space exploration and other STEM-related topics. According to NASA, the students who score the best in these assessments will qualify for the program.

Students interested in robotics may consider applying to the summertime program, as there is a growing demand for this expertise in the aerospace field. According to the news outlet Space, a new robotics pilot program was recently approved by NASA to be carried out aboard the International Space Station.

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