STEM recommendations made by national education body

STEM grants create the mechanical engineers of tomorrow

As many technicians in the robotics field would say, education in science, technology, engineering and math should begin at a young age. The National Research Council recently announced that STEM education is lacking in many U.S. schools, though the organization intends to change this with its new suggestions for teachers of all grade levels .

One suggestion made by the national education organization is more time spent on these subjects. According to the NRC, scientific topics have received less attention from teachers than math and language arts subjects. Additionally, new curricula incorporating STEM lessons and field trips needs to be developed. These guidelines may carry additional significance, as the NRC and officials within STEM-related industries claim an understanding of these concepts may provide students with career opportunities once they reach adulthood.

"A growing number of jobs – not just those in professional science – require knowledge of STEM fields," said Adam Gamoran, a university professor and STEM education supporter.

Accordingly, many robotics industry concepts are derived from STEM topics. Even military branches are now placing additional emphasis on scientific learning, as highlighted by the recently announced scientific scholarships given out by the Citadel, a military college in South Carolina.

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