Robots follow the leader

Swarm robots communicate and act in unison by following directions of a leader machine.

Swarm robots are systems capable of autonomously aligning with each other and assembling themselves into groups, reported Cnet. Recently, scientists with the Georgia Robotics and Intelligent Systems Lab have been investigating the technology, as well as refining it.

Interestingly enough, the robotic devices do not need to communicate with their fellow pack members, stated the news source. Instead, they take their cues from a leader bot and use advanced computational processes to position themselves accordingly.

According to the media outlet, the swarm can do some pretty inventive things. Tim Hornyak, the author of the report, recently observed the devices at the research institute assemble to spell the word "GRITS." Also, it was noted that the robotic systems moved around by a quadrotor.

Experts say that one day, swarms of robots may even enhance human life. There are several experiments being conducted in multiple sectors on the technology, including the medical field, in which nanobots may be introduced inside a patient's body to target life-threatening maladies like cancer.

The robot swarm is taking to the air as well. According to the Register, the U.S. Air Force is currently developing drone systems that fly in mass. The devices, when deployed from the back of a cargo plane, will act as a decoy countermeasure behind the plane, keeping human passengers safe.

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