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Sensor Accessories

The sensor subsystem gives the robot the ability to detect various things in its environment. The sensors are the “eyes and ears” of the robot, and can even enable the robot to function independently of human control. A robot senses its environment and adjusts its own behaviors based on that knowledge.

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Integrated Encoder Modules
Integrated Encoder Modules are designed to provide you with direct and detailed information from your robot's motors. Simply replace the plastic cap on your motor and install the encoder. You can then be told which direction your motor is moving, how fast, and its distance traveled.

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Advanced Sensor Kit

Increase the challenge by adding a computer engineering and sensor implementation aspect to the robotics lab.

  • (1) Line Tracking Kit
  • (1) Ultrasonic Range Finder
  • (1) Light Sensor
  • (2) Optical Shaft Encoder
  • (2) Potentiometer

P/N: 275-1179
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Motor Controller 29

The Motor Controller 29 goes between a 3-wire Motor Port on a VEX Microcontroller and a VEX 2-Wire Motor. It uses a standard PWM signal to provide motor control.

P/N: 276-2193
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Yaw Rate Gyroscope Sensor V1.0

Use a gyro to enhance autonomous movement and feedback from a VEX robot.

  • Single-axis gyroscopic sensor
  • Detects a rotation of up to + / - 1000 degrees per second
  • Connects to analog inputs on VEX microcontrollers

P/N: 276-2333
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LCD Display

Use the VEX LCD Display to recieve real-time feedback from your robot to perform live debugging. View multiple stored program configurations and select between them or provide additional user-input to your robot.

Note: Requires VEX programming software sold separately.

P/N: 276-2273
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VEX Speaker Module

Use the VEX Speaker Module to output sounds from the VEX ARM® Cortex®-based Microcontroller

Note: Requires VEX programming software that is sold separately.

P/N: 276-1504
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Line Tracker

Program your robot to follow a black line over a white surface.

  • Navigate down a marked path
  • Use for light sensing
  • More autonomous function

P/N: 276-2154
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Ultrasonic Range Finder

Avoid obstacles and measure distances with the ultrasonic range finder. Device emits a high-frequency sound wave that alerts the robot to things in its path.

  • Measure distances from 1.5in to 115in
  • Detect obstacles using high frequency sound waves

P/N: 276-2155
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Optical Shaft Encoder (2-pack)

With the Quadrature Encoder's two output channels you can measure both the position and direction of rotation of a VEX shaft.

  • Calculate Shaft Speed
  • Calculate Distance Traveled
  • Increase Navigational Control

P/N: 276-2156
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Light Sensor

The Light Sensor uses a photocell that allows your robot to detect and react to light.

  • Analog input of light levels
  • Usable range of 0 to 6 feet
  • Find dark or bright areas

P/N: 276-2158
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Bumper Switch (2-pack)

The Bumper switch works as a trigger that provides feedback to the Microcontroller as events "happen".

  • Rugged bumpers allows triggering by large impacts
  • Useful as a trigger in a variety of applications
  • Functionality is pre-programmed in the VEX Microcontroller

P/N: 276-2159
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Limit Switch (2-pack)

These switches are great for signaling when a robot arm has reached the top or bottom of its motion.

  • Bendable sheet metal switch "arm" is very versatile
  • Useful as a trigger in a variety of applications
  • Functionality is pre-programmed in the VEX Microcontroller

P/N: 276-2174
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Potentiometer (2-pack)

With the Potentiometer you can determine both position and direction of rotation.

  • Measure Angular Position
  • 250-Degrees of Adjustment
  • Adjustable mounting angle

P/N: 276-2216
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Analog Accelerometer V1.0

By measuring the acceleration of the robot, one can calculate the velocity of the robot, and more importantly the distance this robot has travelled.

  • Three Axis Accelerometer
  • Selectable sensitivity via jumper: ±2g and ±6g
  • LED indicated power and proper connection

P/N: 276-2332
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Turn night into day with this powerful 4-LED flashlight. It draws power directly from the VEX Controller. Switch it on, and see in the dark. Easy to mount up off your robot using the included threaded standoffs.

  • No Batteries Required
  • On/Off Switch Control
  • Receives Power from a VEX Motor Port

P/N: 276-2210
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