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VEX Competition Objects & Fields

The game and field components to the current VEX game are available here. The official VEX Robotics Competition Field is setup on a foam surface, with a sheet-metal and lexan perimeter frame. Inside this perimeter, game-specific elements can be added. Field Spare Parts and other competition-related products are also available below.

Free plans are available to build a Low Cost Alternative Field for around $100.

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VEX Skyrise Field & Game Objects

This kit contains ALL Official VEX Skyrise Field & Game Objects.

  • (22) Red Cubes
  • (22) Blue Cubes
  • (2) High Posts
  • (4) Medium Posts
  • (4) Low Posts
  • (22) Collars
  • (14) Skyrise Sections
  • (2) Skyrise Bases
  • (1) Roll 2" Wide Blue Tape
  • (1) Roll 2" Wide Red Tape
  • (1) Roll 3/4" Wide White Tape
  • (20) Red Robot ID Flags
  • (20) Blue Robot ID Flags
  • All Necessary Assembly Hardware

Note: Competition Field Perimeter and foam Field Tiles are NOT included.

Shipping Note: The complete set of VEX Skyrise Field & Game Objects ships in (4) boxes and has a total weight of 95 lb. Please plan accordingly when choosing shipping options.

P/N: 276-3144
In stock
VRC 2014-2015 Cube & Collar Kit

This kit contains game objects to help with practicing for VEX Skyrise.

  • (3) Red Cubes
  • (3) Blue Cubes
  • (3) Collars w/ Clamping Screws

Use the provided collars with your own PVC pipe to simulate VEX Skyrise Posts.

P/N: 276-3787
In stock
VRC 2014-2015 Skyrise Section & Base Kit

This kit contains Skyrise Sections to help get started practicing for VEX Skyrise.

  • (7) Skyrise Sections
  • (1) Skyrise Base

Note: Metal Skyrise Base Plate is not included. Skyrise Base should be firmly attached to something before use.

P/N: 276-3993
In stock
VRC License Plate Kit

License plates and identification numbers for teams competing in the VEX Robotics Competition.

  • Red & blue colors serve as alliance indicators as well as ID plates
  • Attaches using standard VEX EDR screws and nuts or VEX IQ pins
  • Plates come blank and are fully customizable

P/N: 276-3938
In stock
Build a Field
Build your own bundle! Buy a field perimeter then choose the components you need.

Fields and game objects have a 2 week lead time for shipping. Plan ahead when ordering for your event!

Ships in 2 Weeks
Competition Field Perimeter Kit

The official VEX Robotics Competition Field is setup on a foam surface, with a sheet-metal and lexan perimeter frame.

  • Metal frame structure for the VEX Robotics Competition field perimeter.
  • Includes ALL parts required for frame assembly. (includes lexan)
  • Does NOT include Floor Tiles or Electronics.

This kit has a 2 week lead time for shipping.

P/N: 278-1501
Ships in 2 Weeks
Competition Field Tile Kit

VRC Foam Field Surface. Kit comes with enough 2' x 2' interlocking foam tiles to fill one standard sized VEX Robotics Competition field.

  • (36) Grey Tiles
  • (2) Red Tiles
  • (2) Blue Tiles

P/N: 278-1502
In stock
VEX Competition Field Monitor Stand
Competition Field Monitor Stand

P/N: 276-1572
In stock
VRC Competition Trophies

Need to buy extra trophies for your teammates, schools or sponsors? We've got 10" and 12" trophies available for all of the standard VRC awards given out at tournaments.

  • Official VEX Trophies with
  • Trophy Plates with a variety of awards

Starting at: $4.00
In stock
On Field Robot Sizing Tool

The On Field Robot Sizing Tool is designed to quickly inspect whether or not a VEX Robotics Competition Robot fits into the 18" maximum sizing dimension. This sizing bracket does not require the robot to be sitting on a baseplate, and can be used to measure a robot on any surface.

P/N: 276-2086
In stock
VEXnet Field Controller Kit
A full set of controllers and cables for use with the VEXnet system and/or the VEX 75MHz Crystal Radios. Field control allows for accurate starting of competition matches.

P/N: 275-1401
In stock
VEXnet Competition Switch
Use the VEXnet Competition Switch to enable/disable up to four (4) VEXnet robots. This switch also has the ability to toggle between autonomous & operator control mode. Use this kit to simulate a VEX field controller for match practice!

  • (1) Four-way competition switch.
  • (1) 5' Ethernet cables

P/N: 276-2335
In stock
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