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75 MHz Transmitter & Receiver - (276-2153)

 75 MHz Transmitter & Receiver - (276-2153)
  • 75 MHz Transmitter - Rear
  • 75 MHz Transmitter - Display
  • 75 MHz Signal Splitter - (276-2217)
  • 75 MHz Signal Splitter - Diagram

75 MHz Accessories

The VEX 75 MHz Control System is the former competition control system. Robots are controlled by a transmitter with different radio frequency crystals. Controllers can be tethered to one another to allow for a second driver.
This system is no longer legal in the VEX Robotics Competition. We recommend the current VEXnet control system.
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75 MHz Transmitter & Receiver 276-2153
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75 MHz Signal Splitter 276-2217
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75MHz Accessories

This kit includes a VEX EDR 75 Mhz Transmitter and Receiver. It provides the radio control link which allows human operators direct control of a VEX EDR robot. Transmitter is a 6-channel (4-analog, 2-digital) hobby grade FM unit, custom configured for VEX.

  • 6 Input Channels (4-analog, 2-digital).
  • 75Mhz, multi-frequency via RF crystals. 10 Channels.
  • Two transmitters can connect to one robot.
  • Multi-configuration with digital trim and channel mixing.
  • Includes robot tether port.
Discontinued. Available while supplies last.

This Signal Splitter can be used to drive up to (6) PWM devices, including VEX EDR 2-Wire Motors with a Motor Controller 29 & VEX Servos. Since this device is capable of directly taking the signal output from the VEX EDR Receiver Module and driving motors, it is possible to build robots without a VEX Microcontroller.

  • No Programming Needed
  • Up to (6) Motors or Servos
  • Uses standard VEX EDR 7.2V Batteries
Discontinued. Available while supplies last.

Technical Specifications

75 MHz Transmitter & Receiver (276-2153)

  • (1)Transmitter unit
  • (1)Transmitter frequency module - channel 89
  • (1)RF receiver module
  • (1)Receiver crystal - channel 89
  • (1)Receiver antenna sleeve
  • (1)Receiver antenna sleeve holder
  • (5)Keps nuts
  • (5)8-32 x 3/8" Screws
  • (1)Inventor's Guide Insert
  • (1)9" RJ-10 cable to Microcontroller

75 MHz Signal Splitter (276-2217)

  • (1)Signal Splitter
  • (1)Instruction Sheet

75 MHz Transmitter & Receiver

75 MHz Signal Splitter

75 MHz Transmitter & Receiver

  • 75MHz Crystals

75 MHz Signal Splitter

  • 75MHz RF Receiver Module
  • 75MHz Transmitter
  • 2-Wire Motor 393 w/ Motor Controller 29
  • Servo kit
  • 7.2v Robot Battery 2000 mAh or 7.2v Robot Battery 3000 mAh

75 MHz Transmitter & Receiver

  • Channel 89, 75.970 MHz

75 MHz Transmitter & Receiver

  • 6 Channels (4 Analog and 2 Digital)
  • Analog Channels = 2 potentiometers, each with an X and Y axis.
  • Digital Channels = 4 momentary switches (located on the backside)

75 MHz Signal Splitter

  • VEX Receiver Output, must be used with the VEX Transmitter and Receiver

75 MHz Signal Splitter

  • (1)Power Input Port
  • (6)VEX Motor Controller 29 or Servos

75 MHz Transmitter & Receiver

  • 8 AA batteries (not included)
  • Compatible with the 9.6V Battery and Smart Charger

75 MHz Signal Splitter

  • 7.2V batteries

75 MHz Transmitter & Receiver

  • Transmitter: 1.63 lbs
  • Receiver: 0.05 lbs

75 MHz Signal Splitter

  • 0.14 lbs.

All listed weights are actual weights of one item (no packaging)