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Booster Kit
Contains parts recommended by VEX builders to maximize versatility!
  • (39)Steel Parts
  • (25)Gears & Rollers & Clutches
  • (70)Collars & Shafts & Bearings
  • (66)Standoffs & Spacers
  • (408)Screws & Nuts & Washers

P/N: 276-2232
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Defense may not always win championships, but being able to move does. Put some power on the floor with our large variety of wheel options available for builders. Omni-Directional or Mecanum Wheels are great for quick, lateral movements. Need more power? Traction Wheels offer great pushing ability and are designed for optimal grip on soft surfaces like the foam tiles used in the VEX Robotics Competition.

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VEX EDR 393 motors are the primary motors used for robot mechanisms. We also offer replacement gears to give your motors a speed boost. Use 393's to power your intakes, lifts, and drivetrains.

Starting at: $4.95
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Gears are one of the primary sources of power transmission in VEX EDR. We offer a variety of both normal and high strength gears, that come in a multitude of shapes and sizes.

Starting at: $12.99
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Advanced Gearbox Brackets

These gearbox brackets provide support for several options of advanced motion. These parts allow advanced mechanical VEX EDR designers to create new ingenious mechanisms.

  • Create Linear Motion with Rack Gears
  • Transfer Motion 90 degrees with Bevel Gears
  • Add a Differential to your Drivetrain
  • Get a high-reduction with the Worm Gears
  • Increase design possibilities for your robots

Starting at: $9.99
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High Strength Sprockets & Chain

High Strength Sprockets and Chain allow for higher loads to be transmitted across long distances. The Sprockets come in five different sizes, allowing for numerous ratios to best suit your needs. The High Strength and Sprockets are also capable of lifting up to 50 pounds, so make sure to use them on your heavy lifting mechanisms!

Starting at: $12.99
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Tank Tread Kit

Use this tank tread to build robot tracks which can overcome tough terrain, or build a conveyor belt for scooping up objects.

  • Climb over obstacles and traverse tough terrain.
  • Drive through sandy or soft spongy surfaces.
  • Can be used for a robot conveyor belt.
  • Every section is a master link, create treads of any length.

P/N: 276-2168
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Shafts & Hardware
Because that wheel isn't going to drive itself. Give your motors something to turn with VEX EDR Drive Shafts. Want a smoother ride? Use Bearings and Shaft Collars to keep your mechanisms and wheels moving smoothly, and locked into place. Use spacers if certain parts of your robot need to be properly positioned, or you need to add space between metal.

Starting at: $2.99
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High Strength Shafts & Hardware
Well something has to power that 1:4 drivetrain doesn't it? VEX EDR High Strength Shafts and hardware are specifically designed for those applications that typical shafts just can't handle. Use these shafts in high-torque or high-impact situations, and never worry about your gearbox or intake breaking again.

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Advanced Mechanics and Motion Kit

This kit contains a variety of mechanisms to help a robot builder learn about the mechanics of motion. Use them to see examples of worm gears, lead screws, universal joints, bevel gear reductions and rotary cams.

  • Create complex robot mechanisms.
  • Learn advanced mechanics principles.

P/N: 276-2045
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Linear Motion Kit

The Linear Motion Kit provides a method for VEX builders to create linear mechanisms. Utilize the low friction slide rails for your own mechanisms or combine them with included Rack Brackets and VEX Rack Gears (not included) to build direct driven linear actuators. Each of the plastic slide trucks has self-tapping holes for VEX 8-32 screws which allows for easy assembly.

  • The rails have holes on 0.500" increments.
  • Two rail lengths included - 12" and 17.5"
  • Use with VEX 8-32 hardware (not included)

P/N: 276-1926
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Linear Motion Additional Truck Kit
Spare plastic trucks from the VEX EDR Linear Motion Kit. Includes (8) Inner Slide Trucks and (8) Outer Slide Trucks.

P/N: 276-4489
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Turntable Bearing Kit

The VEX Turntable Bearing Kit provides two options for low friction, high load rotational joints. These are especially well suited for rotational joints with lots of side load - this kit makes it easy to build a turret on your robot! Integrated gearing makes each turntable simple to actuate while other features allow for a variety of design uses.

  • (1) 2.6" diameter Turntable Bearing
  • (1) 4.25" diameter Turntable Bearing

P/N: 276-1810
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Universal Joint (5-pack)

Universal joints provide a mechanical link between two intersecting, non-parallel shafts. Each side of the VEX U-Joint includes a socket for a VEX square shaft, and a set-screw to hold the shaft in place.

  • Create complex robot mechanisms
  • Transfer power "around corners" and at angles

P/N: 276-2723
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Intake Roller (2 options)

Intake rollers are specifically designed for ball intake systems. The flexible rubber fingers grip the ball. The fingers also deflect, allowing for ball size variation.

Starting at: $3.99
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Pneumatic cylinders use compressed air, rather than motors to produce motion that rests in one of 2 states: fully extended or fully retracted. The cylinder in Pneumatics Kit 1 is single-acting -- it uses air to extend the cylinder rod, but uses a spring to return to its contracted state. As a result, the cylinder may expand and contract at different speeds. In contrast, the cylinders in Pneumatics Kit 2 are double-acting and use compressed air to both extend and retract.

Starting at: $4.95
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Swerve Drive Kit

The swerve drive kit lets you build a unique drive and steering configuration for your VEX robot. Get unmatched maneuverability and versatility with drive pods which can rotate up to 360 degrees.

  • Improve robot maneuverability.
  • Unique steering and drive arrangement.
  • Steel brackets included.

P/N: 276-0506
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Sprockets & Chain
Chain and Sprockets are the best way to transfer power over long distances on your VEX EDR robot. These chains are designed to carry moderate loads, and our sprockets come in a variety of sizes to create a number of ratio possibilities. Each chain link is also a master link, which allows for quick and painless substitution.

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Tank Tread Upgrade Kit

These upgrade links should be useful to designers wishing to create more advanced mechanisms utilizing the tank tread.

  • Different Tread-Links Increase Functionality.
  • Get High-Traction on Smooth Surfaces.
  • Compatible with Tank Tread Kit, High Strength Chain & Sprockets.

P/N: 276-2214
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Claw Kit

Easily grab and manipulate various objects. Motor required and not included.

  • Strong Enough to hold a 12 oz soda can.
  • Dexterous Enough to grab a Feather.
  • Compatible with all VEX Mechanical Parts.

P/N: 276-2212
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Winch and Pulley Kit

This kit provides the ability to implement a winch and pulley system and create block and tackle mechanisms to utilize mechanical advantage.

  • Lift, lower, hang, drag and more.
  • Configurable for many applications.
  • Ratchet and Pawl can be engaged to prevent back driving.

P/N: 276-1546
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