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Booster Kit
Contains parts recommended by VEX builders to maximize versatility!
  • (39)Steel Parts
  • (25)Gears & Rollers & Clutches
  • (70)Collars & Shafts & Bearings
  • (66)Standoffs & Spacers
  • (408)Screws & Nuts & Washers

P/N: 276-2232
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Metal & Hardware Kit
More tools for building the ultimate robot.
  • (17)Steel Parts
  • (52)Collars & Shafts & Bearings
  • (66)Standoffs & Spacers
  • (259)Screws & Nuts & Washers

P/N: 276-2161
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Aluminum Kits

Use VEX Aluminum pieces to lighten the total weight of a robot or mechanism while still keeping it strong.

  • Compatible with all VEX Motion and Structure components.
  • Available in bundle kits or in single part multi-packs

Starting at: $24.99
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C-Channels (8-sizes)

VEX C-channel has holes on 0.500" increments. This structural member is perfect for building bigger robots. Excellent strength and twist resistance.

  • Multiple sizes available, in two different material types
  • Made from cold rolled steel, or 5052-H32 Aluminum
  • Each channel is segmented into cuttable 2.5" pieces

Starting at: $8.99
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Angles (3-sizes)

VEX angle without slots. Typically used for structural framing. Good strength on two axis.

  • Can be cut on 0.500" increments.
  • Made from cold rolled steel, 0.046" thick, zinc plated
  • All items are (4) to a package.

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Rails (2-choices)

The Chassis Rails are part of the larger VEX Chassis Kits. This rail has holes on 0.500" increments and another row in-between. This part is a versatile angle with one narrow side and one taller side.

  • Made from cold rolled steel, 0.046" thick, zinc plated.
  • All items are (4) to a package.

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Plates (2-sizes)

Plate with holes on 0.500" increments and 1/8" diamonds in between. Can be cut on 0.500" increments.

  • Available in two sizes.
  • Made from cold rolled steel, 0.046" thick, zinc plated.

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Chassis Kits (4-sizes)

VEXrobotics chassis kits are larger versions of the VEX standard kit chassis. Mix and match to make a total of 16 different chassis sizes.

  • Four sizes available: 15x16, 25x25, 35x35, and 35x35 super.
  • The Rails and Angles are also available individually.
  • 100% VEX Robotics compatible.
  • Hardware not included.

Starting at: $18.99
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Screws are the proverbial glue that hold your robot together. VEX screws come in a multitude of lengths and two standard head sizes. We think they're pretty nifty.

Locking screws are like normal screws.... only tougher to remove. These screws have been coated with a thread locker to help keep them locked into place. A locking screw can be installed 10-15 times and still retain a firm lock. Double check your hole-counting when mounting!

Note: All screw sizes are available in Hexagon Head, or high-torque Star head.

Starting at: $4.95
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Gussets are used to connect pieces of metal that may not have been possible beforehand. They also serve as a great way to strengthen your robot's joints.

Starting at: $4.99
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Bar 1x25 (8-pack)

VEX bar with holes on 0.500" increments. Can be cut on 0.500" increments.

  • Made from cold rolled steel, 0.046" thick, zinc plated.
  • The item is (8) to a package.

P/N: 275-1141
In Stock
Hinge (2-pack)

This hinge provides a simple pivoting joint with 265 degree movement.

  • Sold in packs of 2.
  • 2.5" long x 1.3" wide.
  • Standard VEX holes.

P/N: 275-1272
In Stock
Rubber Link (4-pack)

A flexible link used to create flexible joints, springs, or to provide shock absorption.

  • Flexible joints between standoffs or metal.
  • Add spring force to your design.
  • Provide shock absorption to delicate parts.

P/N: 275-1029
In Stock
Nuts 8-32 (3-choices)

A nut is a type of hardware fastener with a threaded hole. All VEX nuts are 8-32 threads.

  • Keps Nuts have integral external tooth lock washer.
  • Nylock nuts have internal nylon lock.
  • Hex nuts are non-locking.

In Stock
Base Plate 30x15 (2-pack)

VEX Base Plates are designed to serve as a foundation for a variety of robotics applications.

  • (2) Base Plates included
  • 15-holes wide x 30-holes long
  • Made from cold rolled steel, 0.046" thick, zinc plated.

P/N: 276-1341
In Stock
8-32 x 0.125" Setscrew (32-pack)

These 8-32 x 0.125" setscrews fit in VEX Shaft Collars. Use them as replacements or spare parts.

  • 8-32 thread.
  • Use 5/64 Allen to tighten.

P/N: 276-2385
In Stock
Advanced Gearbox Brackets

These gearbox brackets provide support for several options of advanced motion. These parts allow advanced mechanical VEX EDR designers to create new ingenious mechanisms.

  • Create Linear Motion with Rack Gears
  • Transfer Motion 90 degrees with Bevel Gears
  • Add a Differential to your Drivetrain
  • Get a high-reduction with the Worm Gears
  • Increase design possibilities for your robots

Starting at: $9.99
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Nut Bar (4-pack)

The Nut Bar consists of a plastic piece with 20-holes sized such that VEX 8-32 screws will self-tap into them. By mounting these bars onto VEX structural metal, you create a series of holes which can be used as nuts. This allows a set of holes that can be mounted to without having access to the back side of the plate.

  • Can be used in tight places to help with robot assembly.
  • Snaps into smaller increments without tools.

P/N: 276-1748
Latex Tubing (10')

This VEX Tubing can stretch up to 3 times its length and still spring back to its original shape. VEX Latex Tubing is great for any application on a VEX robot requiring spring loading.

  • Sold in two 5' lengths.
  • 53A durometer Latex.
  • Great for heavy lifting.

P/N: 275-1262
In Stock
Couplers 8-32 (2-sizes)

The 8-32 Coupler is used to connect multiple Threaded Beams to each other. Now you can make custom length standoffs.

  • Double up standoffs
  • Allen socket in one end
  • 1/2" and 1" lengths

Starting at: $1.99
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Cinch Strap (5-pack)

These VELCRO® brand Cinch Straps are great for quickly mounting objects. The Cinch Straps are reusable and adjustable.

  • Quickly mount an object.
  • Adjustable and reusable.
  • Secure holding circumference approximately 4 to 7 inches.

P/N: 275-1258
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Standoffs 8-32 (12-choices)

A standoff is used in mechanics and electronics to separate two parts from one another. All VEX Standoffs have 8-32 threads.

  • Hex size is 0.250" across the flats.
  • Light weight aluminum.
  • Various lengths available.

Starting at: $2.95
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Claw Kit

Easily grab and manipulate various objects. Motor required and not included.

  • Strong Enough to hold a 12 oz soda can.
  • Dexterous Enough to grab a Feather.
  • Compatible with all VEX Mechanical Parts.

P/N: 276-2212
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