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Endless Potential

VEX Robotics inspires students to become the problem solving heroes of tomorrow. VEX EDR offers students a rich and exciting platform to immerse themselves in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) through the fun of building robots. Educators can bring VEX EDR into the classroom with our custom curriculum or use it as a teaching tool through after-school robotics clubs.

  • Highly versatile construction system allows students to build whatever they can imagine
  • Rapidly expanding product line creates new possibilities and ample opportunities
    for growth
  • System is accessible to multiple ages and experience levels, catering to both beginners
    and experts and ranging from Middle School to College



Introducing Students to STEM, One Classroom At a Time

VEX takes pride in its efforts to expand STEM education worldwide. Our accessible and cost-efficient starter kits engage students and teachers alike by creating a
teamwork-driven learning environment.

  • Hands-on curriculum options available from Robomatter and Project Lead the Way (PLTW) give educators the tools that they need to help students develop problem-solving skills and learn programming fundamentals
  • VEX offers a free project-based curriculum that teaches the engineering design process in a hands-on manner, helping teachers challenge, motivate, and inspire
    their students
  • Curriculum allows students to learn the basics of building a robot while also learning other STEM applications. Students will begin to automatically apply these lessons to their robots as they advance through the program


If You Can Envision It, You Can Build It

With over 300 parts, the VEX EDR system provides an unlimited number of ways to achieve the same goal and encourage your students' creativity in problem solving. Our products are built around each other to ensure seamless integration. Every part "just works" together.

  • Build anything you can imagine, the possibilities are endless
  • Ease of use allows for beginners to build basic, driveable robots within hours
  • VEX utilizes community-driven design by sourcing feedback from our community of students and teachers, allowing us to improve upon current parts and design future products

Inspiration at A Moment’s Notice

Come meet our experts. All questions regarding VEX parts or competitions on the official forum are personally answered by the VEX staff within hours. We love engaging with customers on social media, and want to see YOU share your designs with us and the rest of the community.

  • Closely monitored forums, all questions quickly answered by VEX Staff or community
  • Large social media interaction across a variety of platforms
  • Robotics hobbyists appreciate the advanced capabilities of the VEX system, and willingly share their designs among the community


There’s A Kit for That

From an individual just beginning to learn about robotics, to a teacher wanting to start an after-school robotics club, VEX EDR offers multiple affordable kits suited for a variety of needs.

  • We recommend 2-6 students per kit. With six kits included, a single Classroom Bundle can outfit a class of up to 36 students
  • Kits allow educators to easily customize projects adapted to their students' abilities
  • Not JUST for educators, VEX kits and bundles are the perfect way for individuals to get started with robotics

Technology Made Accessible

VEX EDR robots are driven by cutting-edge technology adapted by our experts specifically for education. We understand that beginners need a low barrier to entry, while experienced users want room to grow. The VEX ARM® Cortex®-based Microcontroller allows for both autonomous and driver control of robots. VEX EDR robots can be programmed using a variety of software solutions, such as ROBOTC included in ALL VEX kits. With VEXnet wireless communication, robots can also be driver controlled using up to two joysticks.

  • ROBOTC is an intuitive resource that teaches key programming skills which easily transition to the real world, while also providing a similar look and feel as the programming environments used in computer science industries
  • VEXnet Joysticks provide a video game controller style interface, which is familiar to students and allows for intuitive robot control


From the Classroom to the World Stage

People of all ages love robots, and everyone gets fired up about competition; because of this students get excited about STEM without even realizing they're learning. The VEX Robotics Competition is the largest & fastest-growing educational robotics competition for middle school through college-aged students in the world. In the
2014-2015 season, over 10,000 teams from more than 30 nations participated in the VEX Robotics Competition. The VEX Competition season begins in early June, and ends at the VEX World Championship the following April.

  • Hundreds of official competitions offered worldwide. Allows students to compete against their peers, and gain valuable life skills
  • Registration for a VEX Robotics Competition team costs $100. Additional teams
    from the same schools can also register for $50 each. Tournament entry fees vary by event, but on average cost less than $100
  • Over 800 teams from nearly 30 countries qualify annually to compete at VEX Worlds