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Using the VEX IQ Hardware

VEX IQ Curriculum - Let's Get Started

Using VEX IQ Hardware

The VEX IQ platform kits provide easy, fun, and accessible tools to teach and learn about all four legs of STEM, no matter what your learning needs and desires may be. This curriculum unit lesson will familiarize you with the kit hardware. If you’re looking for information on the VEX IQ Controller or Robot Brain, please see our third lesson (B.3) that covers those topics. One of the best overall features of the VEX IQ hardware is its flexibility. If you can imagine it, you can build it with VEX IQ. The system allows for building of non-powered models, powered mechanisms and machines, as well as full-blown teleoperated and autonomous robots, enabling teaching and learning in a wide variety of ways while engaging and challenging every student from beginner to expert.

Kit Hardware Overview:


various sizes

Specialty Beams

angle, tee, right-angle beams


various sizes

Structural Parts Structural Parts Structural Parts

Connector Pins

several lengths


several lengths

Standoff Connectors

several parts

Use with beams, plates, corner connectors, and more. Maintain desired spacing between beams and plates. Connect standoffs and connector pins.


several lengths

Shaft Bushing
Shaft Lock Plates

multiple sizes

Transmit power to, or allow rotation of, wheels, pulleys, gears, and more. Interfaces shafts with beams and plates, allowing the shaft to spin and be held in desired location. Plates that lock onto shafts allowing design components to spin with the shaft.
Rubber Shaft Collars
Corner Connectors

several types

Washers & Spacers
Holds objects on shafts and/or the shaft itself in place. Create corner connections between beams, plates, or other VEX IQ parts. Use with shafts, reduces friction and maintains desired spacing.


several options

Rubber Belts

several size options

Rubber Band Anchor
Drive belts or make rollers and small wheels. Use with pulleys, as a form of stored energy, and/or as a fastener. Use with rubber belts and bands.


several lengths

Wheel Hubs and Tires

several size options

Smart Motor
Transmit power to another gear and/or mechanism. Rolling and powering movement. Creates rotary motion.

VEX IQ Hardware Videos:

Removing Connector Pins (MOV, 51.8 MB)

Keeping Shafts Supported and In Position (MOV, 21.8 MB)

Mounting Small Hardware on Shafts (MOV, 14.6 MB)

Identifying Angle Beams (MOV, 40.7 MB)

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