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VEX IQ Curriculum: Your First Robot

Build and Test Clawbot IQ

There’s nothing quite like building your first robot. Clawbot IQ enables even the complete novice to build and test a fully functional teleoperated robot! Just use the easy to follow instructions found on pages 4-27 of the Clawbot IQ Build Instructions and you’ll be on your way.

VEX IQ Clawbot IQ

Build Options:

Option 1: Follow the assembly instructions on pages 4-10 to complete and test the robot base only. This gives you a fully functional drivetrain that can be operated and added to with your own creativity. Also note that this robot base will be the basis for other lessons as well, so your work will be used!

Option 2: Follow the assembly instructions on pages 4-10 to complete and test the robot base; then, continue using the assembly instructions on pages 11-27 to build and complete the claw, tower, and ball holder. Suggested test objects to use for full Clawbot IQ testing are tennis balls, VEX IQ Challenge Mini BuckyBalls, or similar round objects.

Build Rubric

No matter which of the two options above you and your teachers choose, the Build Rubric can be used to assess your build and even serve as a troubleshooting guide as you move through the process, preparing you for the open ended challenges in later units when you make the design decisions!

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