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VEX IQ CAD Downloads

Below are ZIP files containing the official CAD library of VEX IQ solid models. The files are in the universal STEP format, compatible with SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor, and most other CAD software packages. Users can download files in individual packs by part type or as one large ZIP file.

The free SnapCAD is a drag-and-drop platform for students looking for a simple introduction to 3D modeling. However, for advanced users, STEP files can be used to create complex assemblies, high-quality renders, or even used to design custom 3D printed parts.

All VEX IQ CAD Files (ZIP, 27.4 MB)

Structure Connectors Motion Control

All Structure Components

(ZIP, 7.75 MB)

All Connector Components

(ZIP, 0.62 MB)

All Motion Components

(ZIP, 12.3 MB)

All Control Components

(ZIP, 6.72 MB)
VEX IQ 1x Beam VEX IQ Corner Connector VEX IQ Sprocket VEX IQ Brain
VEX IQ 2x Beams VEX IQ Pin VEX IQ Wheel VEX IQ Controller
VEX IQ 4x Plate VEX IQ Standoff VEX IQ Chain VEX IQ Smart Motor
VEX IQ Angle Beam Specialty Structure
(ZIP, 0.82 MB)
VEX IQ Standoff Connector Standoff Connectors
(ZIP, 0.23 MB)
VEX IQ Shaft Collar Shafts, Shaft Collars, Washers
(ZIP, 0.18 MB)
VEX IQ Distance Sensor Smart Sensors & Cables
(ZIP, 0.57 MB)

Disclaimer: VEX IQ CAD models and 3D printing specifications are made freely available for personal and educational use. Commercial use of 3D printed VEX IQ parts is strictly prohibited. Using custom components on a VEX IQ robot design has the potential to cause unexpected behavior for which VEX Robotics is not responsible. Parts created using 3D printing technology are not eligible for use in the VEX IQ Challenge.


SnapCAD is a free drag-and-drop platform for students looking for a simple introduction to 3D modeling. This program is a community-built solution for designing virtual VEX IQ models and creating printable, shareable instructions for them. Use SnapCAD to test out a novel idea in the virtual world before building it physically, or to share your creations with the world in the form of
step-by-step build instructions!

Click here to download and install SnapCAD!