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Find Sammy

Introducing Sammy! Sammy is a roving travel companion made entirely out of VEX IQ components. Take Sammy with you on your vacation, to a competition, or a cool landmark, then follow the directions below for a chance to be featured on VEX Robotics social media!

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Build It

Snap Sammy together using the build instructions on this page with any combination of VEX IQ angle beams.

Take It

Bring Sammy with you when you travel and find a cool place to take a picture.

Post It

Upload your picture to Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #FindSammy. (You can also e-mail pictures to

Get Featured

Our favorite Sammy pictures will have a chance to be shared on the VEX Twitter and Instagram accounts!

Where in the world has Sammy been found?

Sammy is extremely easy to build! Consisting of only 9 pieces (all of which can be found in a VEX IQ Super Kit), it will take only a matter of seconds before you are ready to snap photos with your new travel companion.

To build a Sammy, you will need the following parts:

  • (1) 1x6 Beam (228-2500-005)
  • (1) 0x2 Idler Pin (228-2500-084)
  • (1) 30 mm Pulley (228-2500-165)
  • (2) 1x2 Connector Pin (228-2500-061)
  • (4) 30° or 60° Angle Beam (228-2500-147 / 228-2500-149)

Click here for printable Sammy build instructions