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VEXos is a robotics operating system that harnesses the flexibility and power of VEX hardware for the rigors of competition and the diverse needs of education. This operating system, written completely by VEX Robotics, uses real-time processing for repeatable operation at the fastest possible speeds. The "VEXos Utility" program simplifies updating VEX IQ hardware, and is compatible with Windows 7-10.

All of the VEX IQ Smart Devices (Robot Brain, Controller, Smart Motor, and sensors) contain their own internal processors and run special software. This software is what allows for advanced programming features. The best way to ensure that your VEX IQ system is functioning properly is to keep the Robot's software up to date.

Mac OS X version coming soon. Sign up to be notified when the Mac OS X version is available using the Update Notification tool to the right. If using a Mac, refer to the bottom of this page on where to find the current Mac OS X version of the VEX IQ Firmware Utility.

For information on changes between software versions, visit the VEX IQ Software Changelog.

  • A new “Demos" folder that contains Autopilot and the new Sensors programs
  • Driver Control no longer uses optional Gyro, Distance, Color, or Touch LED devices for demonstration purposes
    ⁃ Driver Control still supports Smart Motors and Bumper Switches as before
  • The demonstration sensor functions, previously in default Driver Control, have moved to "Demos > Sensors"
  • Improvement in the Smart Motor's ability to determine when a move task is complete
  • Corrected a bug involving the Smart Motor Reset Position command
  • Various Smart Radio improvements were implemented
  • Improved Device Firmware Stability (Devices will no longer lose software)
  • Robot Brains can now be given a name:
    ⁃ The name appears on the boot screen
    ⁃ The name can also be viewed by holding down the Check button for 3 seconds
    ⁃ Names are set using the VEXos Utility
  • Programs can start automatically when the Robot Brain powers up by using "Settings > Start at:"
  • Improved Smart Radio security with feature "Settings > Radio Data OFF or ON." Only turn Bluetooth on if connecting to a Bluetooth enabled device
    ⁃ This setting will only appear when a Smart Radio is inserted
  • QR codes are now available to assist in pairing the Robot Brain to Bluetooth devices
  • Robot Brains can be reset to their original configuration with "Settings > Reset All Settings"
  • The Robot Brain will power off after 5 minutes of inactivity if no program is running
  • Various other bug fixes
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Installing the VEXos Utility Program for Windows

Note: If you have already installed the VEXos Utility Program, proceed to step one below.

A. Click on the download button below to download the installer.

VEXos Utility Program DownloadVEXos Utility
Program (Windows)

Free Download (59.4 MB)

B. If given the option, choose "Run". Otherwise, save the file and open it.

C. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the VEXos Utility Program. You may have to update the Utility when opening it for the first time.

Using the VEXos Utility Program - 3 Easy Steps!

Plug all devices into the Robot Brain, and plug the Robot Brain into your computer via USB.

Turn on the Robot Brain.

Open the VEXos Utility Program, and click "Install". That's it!

VEXos for Mac OS X will be available soon!

The previous version of the VEX IQ Firmware Utility can be downloaded here.

To install the VEX IQ Firmware Utility, mount the DMG by opening the downloaded file and following the
on-screen instructions.

Then, open the DMG (found on your desktop) and drag the VEXos Utility Program to the Applications folder.