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VersaDrop (Wheel and VersaFrame Stock not included)

 VersaDrop (Wheel and VersaFrame Stock not included)
  • VersaDrop shown in down position (Wheel and VersaFrame Stock not included)


P/N: 217-4824
The VersaDrop is a configurable drop down module for use with 4" wheels. This product was designed to work with the VersaFrame System, allowing all teams, regardless of their resources the ability to create the popular Butterfly and Octocanum drivetrains. Teams have the ability to design their own actuated drivetrain solution with the VersaDrop.


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VersaDrop Drivetrain Examples

Articulated "Butterfly" Drive
Switch between traction and omni modes on the fly for ultimate maneuverability.

CAD STEP Model (ZIP, 7.41 MB)
Bill of Materials (ZIP, 1.54 MB)

6-Wheel Drive with Drop Omni Wheels
Drop a set of rear Omni Wheels to pivot out of tight situations with ease.

CAD STEP Model (ZIP, 10.6 MB)
Bill of Materials (ZIP, 1.24 MB)

Articulated "Octocanum" Drive
The best of both worlds - traction mode to hold your ground, mecanums to slide sideways.

CAD STEP Model (ZIP, 10.7 MB)
Bill of Materials (ZIP, 1.59 MB)

Technical Specifications

  • (1) VersaDrop Pivot
  • (2) VersaDrop - Tube Brace
  • (1) VersaDrop Cylinder mount
  • (2) VersaDrop Module Spacers
  • (2) Motor Mount Spacers
  • (4) Button head screw - .250-20 x 0.375
  • (2) Button head screw - #10-32 x 2.500
  • (3) Button head screw - #8-32 x .500
  • (2) Socket head screw - #10-32 x 1.750
  • (3) #8-32 Nylock Nut
  • (2) #10-32 Nylock Nut
  • (1) 1/16" Acetal Spacer 1/2" Hex (10-pack)
  • (1) Pancake Pneumatic Cylinder, 32mm Bore, 15mm Travel
Weight: 1.23 lbs (does not include wheels, VersaFrame stock, or any associated motion transfer components like gears, sprockets, or pulleys)

Material: 5052 aluminum

Module Travel: Pivoting wheel goes from 0.437" down to 0.200" up

Lifting force: 75lbs per module at 60PSI

Note: VersaDrop Cylinders use 1/8" NPT fittings