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Launched in 2015!

VEXpro: New for 2015

Announcing enhancements to the widely-used VersaFrame system, a new partnership with Colson Performa Wheels, a versatile NEW way to use CIM-style motors, and more!

VersaFrame - Better than Ever!

We loved seeing how people used the VersaFrame system in 2014. This accessible construction system was used to build entire mechanisms and create event-winning drivetrains. After last season we took a look at how teams of all resource levels were able to integrate this system into their designs, and then created some enhancements to help teams excel even further.

Two of the most useful creations for 2015 are the Single Reduction Clamping Gearbox & Plastic Clamping Bearing Block. These VersaFrame drivetrains just became even lighter and simpler than ever before. Additional Gussets, sheet-metal aluminum profiles, and pre-drilled tube stock provide even more building options. Construct whatever you can imagine using just a drill & a wrench!
Click HERE for more information!

Colson & VEXpro Partner Together!

VEXpro is proud to announce a new collaboration with Colson Caster. Colson wheels are some of the most popular solid core rubber wheels used in
competition robotics, since they're top performers in both traction & durability.

As part of our partnership, VEXpro is proud to have these wheels available, customized specifically for competition robotics. We're offering eight new Colson Performa wheels that include a light-weight, plastic 1/2" hex hub molded directly
into them. Perfect for getting Colson performance in any live-axle application
-- no hub needed! Click HERE for more information!

VersaPlanetary CIM Adaptor

FRC teams love using CIM-style motors as part of mechanisms on their robot. Many of these teams have realized that the VersaPlanetary Gearbox is a lightweight, efficient option for adding gear reduction to these high-performance motors.

The new VersaPlanetary CIM Adaptor makes it easier than ever before to mount a CIM or MiniCIM onto a VersaPlanetary and adapt it easily into your design! Click HERE for more information!

VEX Robotics & Cross the Road Electronics

The 2015 season marks the launch of an entirely new FRC Control System! VEX Robotics is proud to have collaborated with Cross the Road Electronics on the development of the new Victor SP and Talon SRX Motor Controllers. In addition, as part of our partnership we're thrilled to be an official Cross the Road Electronics reseller.

We now have available NEW for 2015:

These new and improved control system items will make it even easier for teams to build compact, high-performance robots. Click HERE for more information!

ThunderHex Shaft Stock and Bearings

ThunderHex Stock & Bearings will revolutionize the ways teams use hex shaft.

ThunderHex Stock works in all applications where 1/2" Hex Shaft will work and also includes rounded corners. These rounded corners allow the shaft to pilot inside a 13.75 mm round (ThunderHex) Bearing instead of a standard 1/2" Hex Bearing. This eliminates some difficult manufacturing tolerances and results in a MUCH smoother end result. Simply put, ThunderHex Bearings are the best way to create smooth-running hex shafts, and ThunderHex Stock helps you accomplish this without a lathe.

Also, since you're essentially putting a round peg in a round hole, no more struggling to align the hex of your shaft with the hex hole of your bearing. Click HERE for more information!

Ball Shifter Shaft v2

One late addition to our 2015 offerings, is the Ball Shifter Shaft v2; this was delayed from our initial release due to uncertainty about the situation in the Port of LA. We had to guarantee this item's availability before it's announcement.

We’re proud to announce that all 3 CIM Ball Shifters ordered after January 1, 2015 will ship with an upgraded shifter shaft. While we’re very happy with the original shifter shaft design, we’ve seen teams using the shifter shaft in ways which we didn’t originally design for, but make sense for us to accommodate.

The new shaft contains all the same “magic” as the original version, but also has the following improvements:

  • Steel Shifter Plunger allows for smooth shifting even under high load
  • ThunderHex output shaft provides new use options
  • Pinned output shaft
  • Adjusted plunger geometry allows for faster shifts
  • Modified pneumatic coupler for higher strength (requires Pneumatic Hardware Kit v2)

Since many of these improvements came directly from community feedback, we know there are a lot of teams who will be excited by this upgrade. These shafts are available for individual sale (with the new pneumatic coupler kits) so if they want, teams can simply upgrade their existing shifters.
Click HERE for more detailed information on these updates.

General Hardware Improvements – Thanks for the Feedback!

At VEX Robotics, we pride ourselves on our ability to invite and respond to customer feedback. As VEXpro usage increases each competition season,
the hours of (literal) field testing reveal insights and applications that go beyond our drawing board.

    Highlights for 2015 include:
  • Individually purchasable 3rd Stage Kits for the 2 CIM and 3 CIM Ball Shifters complete to complete your collection
  • Low-cost plastic VersaHubs that are suitable for many applications
  • A robust and simple 1/2" Hex Shaft Coupler
  • Flexible high strand count 12AWG Silicone Wire

As always, feel free to reach out to with reviews or product ideas. Whether you’ve found a new VersaPlanetary add-on concept, need 12” mecanum wheels to complete your design, or want to show us how you used 0.040” VersaFrame to hang from a truss, we can’t wait to hear from you!