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VEXnet vs. 802.11b/g

VEXnet uses 802.11b/g as a low cost radio with worldwide compliance. VEXnet does not implement all the excessive features that 802.11 provides for wireless communication between PCs, through wireless access points, or through the internet. VEXnet simply uses 802.11 for a simple point to point communication system. Future versions will implement multi-robot communication features.

VEXnet = simple with fixed capabilities

  • No setup required. No need to know IP addresses, MAC addresses, security settings, or passwords.
  • Uses a private AdHoc network with proprietary security.
  • Joystick to Robot communication.
  • Wireless PC programming and debugging with easyC and ROBOTC.
  • Used on the VEXnet Upgrade, Cortex Microcontroller, and VEXnet Joystick.

Arm9 + 802.11b/g = open and configurable

  • Communicate with PC's and existing wireless networks.
  • Communicate across internet, including telepresence (TeRK).
  • Requires setup of IP addresses and security.
  • Used on the VEXpro ARM9 Microcontroller.