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VEXplorer is the next generation of an important DIY robotics design system. Over 300 parts with many pre-assembled modules which includes: a spycam that can broadcast to your TV over distances of up to 150 ft.; an enhanced robot arm with a powerful gripper that can pick up a filled soda can; and all-terrain tires to tackle most surfaces. VEXplorer also includes 4 motor, 24 gears, various coated heavy metal parts, cables, tools, screws, nuts and more.

VEXplorer is sold out and discontinued at this time. Accessories are still available.


The VEXplorer is the first product of the new VEX-RC product line (VEX-Blue). The VEX-Blue Transmitter, VEX-Blue Receiver, and the VEX-Blue Motor Module VB1 are NOT compatible with the current VEX product line (VEX-Red). Also Sensors and Servos can NOT be used with a VEX-Blue Receiver. The VEX-Blue Receiver is not programmable. All the VEXplorer Structure, Hardware and Motion parts are completely compatible with all other VEX Structure, Hardware and Motion parts and pieces and vice-versa. Use these VEX products to build endless robots.

Vexplorer Specifications

VEX Robotics Description
RC Frequency 27MHz
Camera Frequency 2.4GHz
Transmitter Battery 9 Volt(not included)
Receiver Battery AA-Batteries 6 each. (not included)
Motor Ports 6 VB-1 Motor Ports(0 volts to battery voltage - depending on speed)
AUX Ports 2 AUX ports - supply power to accessories - Color Camera Kit, Flashlight Kit, ...
Operating Range 150 foot - max, clear line of sight.
Wheel Base L 11 inches (approx)
Length(with claw) 19 inches (approx)
Wheel Base W 10 inches (approx)
Height 13.5 inches (antenna sleve) / 18.5 inches max with arm raised
Camera Battery Type No Batteries Required, power is supplied from a VEX Controller.
Camera Receiver Battery AA-batteries required 4 ea, not included.
Camera Resolution 0.3 Mega-Pixels
Receiver Dimensions Length 4.0 in. x Width 2.8 in. x Height 2.9 in. (approx)
Camera Weight 0.15 lbs.
Camera Receiver Weight 0.25 lbs.
Camera Wiring Black - ground; Red - + voltage
Camera Receiver Wiring RCA Cable, Yellow for Video / White for Audio

Vexplorer List of Contents

Quantity Description
1 Camera Unit
1 Camera Receiver
1 VEX-Blue Receiver
1 RCA A/V Cable (6 foot)
4 VEX-Blue Motor Module VB1
3 Clutch Assembly (Red)
1 VEX-Blue Transmitter
1 VEX Battery Box
6 3 in. Wheel
10 48 Tooth Gear
3 60 Tooth Gear
4 60 Tooth Gear
27 Bearing Flat
1 4 in. Drive Shaft
8 3 in. Drive Shaft
5 2 in. Drive Shaft
24 Collar
2 metal, Chassis Bumper
2 metal, Chassis Rail Long (outboard)
2 metal, Chassis Rail Short (inboard)
1 metal, Tower-Right Bracket
1 metal, Tower-Left Bracket
1 metal, Arm C-channel
2 metal, Claw Bracket
1 metal, 5x10 Plate
6 Threaded Beam (1/2 in.)
3 Threaded Beam (3 in.)
4 Plastic Chassis Spacer
1 Antenna Sheath
1 Antenna Holder
52 Plastic Locking Rivet
40 Screw 1/4 in. Long
8 Screw 1/2 in. Long
8 Screw 1-1/2 in. Long
8 Cotter Pin
8 E-Clip
6 Short Motor Screw
2 Long Motor Screw
13 Delrin Washer
9 Long Plastic Spacer
4 Short Plastic Spacer
8 Lock Nut (Nylock) nylon insert
28 Keps Nut
1 Wire Ties (Bag)
Claw Plastic
2 Finger (overmold soft rubber)
2 Claw Gear-Linkage
2 Claw Linkage
1 VEX Large Allen Wrench (3/32 in.)
1 VEX Small Allen Wrench (5/64 in.)
1 VEX Wrench