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Programming is the process of creating a sequence of instructions that tell a computational device, such as the Microcontroller on the VEX robot, how to perform a task. There are several options for creating and downloading programs to your VEX robot that range from very simple to highly sophisticated. Your Microcontroller is pre-programmed with Default Code that allows you a simple way to get started without writing and downloading code. However, more complex robot configurations and behavior are possible through programming.

To utilize the VEX Robotics Design System without Autonomous Programming or robot sensors, there is no extra software required. The system works fine "out of the box" for general robot operation. Minor changes to robot functionality (e.g. joystick scaling, motor reversals) can still be made via the transmitter menus or by placing jumpers in certain ports of the digital I/O.


Typically in autonomous control a robot operates and reacts only to sensor inputs and to pre-programmed commands. However a robot does not have to be completely autonomous to use sensor inputs and pre-programmed commands. Autonomous code can be blended with human input to create a more easily controlled robot. This can be as simple as using a potentiometer to limit the rotation of an arm or as complex as the user can imagine.

Common Code Principles and Files 

Much of the code concepts and implementations used across VEX robotics teams accomplishes simliar tasks. For the convienence of all, some of this code will be posted here. Teams can use, test, edit, comment, revise, or add to this list or the contents therein:

Programming Options, VEX Microcontroller V0.5

For more information on programming options, see Vex Robotics, Programming Kits

Programming Repository

Programming Examples, submitted to the VexForum can be accessed from this Wiki Page:

PI Closed-Loop Control with easyC

  • PI Closed-Loop Control for traction control using VEX and Easy-C Pro, for high school students and coaches (by Marc Bryan Center) - PI Control Presentation delivered at the FIRST Controls Conference at Atlanta, GA on April 15, 2009. Included is the presentation and EasyC Pro program that is associated with the PI Control.

CMU Robotics Academy Resources