Spike H-Bridge Relay

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Spike H-Bridge Relay


Spike is a 20 Amp, H-Bridge Relay Module that is small enough to be remotely mounted almost anywhere on your robot. Spike is designed for driving small motors in forward, reverse, or stop (brake). Spike is opto-isolated at the signal input to protect the Robot Controller against motor noise and return currents. Requires a 3-wire cable for connection to the Robot Controller.

  • Ideal for 2 independent solenoids, light, pumps.
  • Design will accept auto-resetting circuit breaker.
  • Compact design.

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The typical application is to power one motor with variable speed forward, reverse, or off (shunt brake).

Spike is not a PWM device. It can not be connected to an R/C hobby type receiver. The Spike is designed to plug into the Relay Ports from the NI roboRIO and legacy devices such as the FIRST ® Robotics Competition Digital Sidecar, Innovation First Robot Controller and Isaac16-RC.

Kit Contents
(1) Spike Relay H-Bridge Module
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Battery Info
  • Operating Voltage - 9.5V to 15.5V
  • Power Connector - 1/4" blade connectors
  • Maximum Current - 20A continuous
  • Surge Current - 100A for < 2 second
  • Output Connector - 1/4" blade connectors
CAD File
.12 lbs
Other Info
  • Signal Connector - Uses a standard non-shrouded 3-wire cable
  • Control Signal - High: 3V min @ 4mA / Low: ground (High Max 5-12V current limited to 40 mA)
  • Max Switching - 20 operations per second no load, 6 operation per minute for rated life at rated load
  • Operate Time - 5 ms typical
  • Initial Release Time - 2 ms typical
  • Mechanical Life - 10 million operations
  • Electrical Life - 100K operations at 20A, 14VDC, 1mH