Victor 888 Motor Controller

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Victor 888 Motor Controller


The Victor 888 motor controller is specifically engineered for robotic applications. Its high current capacity, low voltage drop, and peak surge capacity make the Victor ideal for drive systems while its braking options and precise control meet the demanding needs of arms and lift systems while taking up minimal footprint. The Victor also features conformal coating to help protect surface mount components from debris.

  • High current capacity
  • Low voltage drop
  • FIRST ® Robotics Competition Legal

Engineered, assembled and tested in the USA.

Discontinued. We recommend the Victor SPX as a replacement option.


Availability: Discontinued

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Battery Info
Power Connector: 6-32 Screw Terminals (Maximum Screw Torque - 5 in*lbs)
Do not reverse the input polarity on a Victor. Doing this will permanently damage the unit and void the warranty.
  • Use a standard non-shrouded 3-wire cable.
  • Standard R/C Type PWM (Pulse Width Modulation)
  • The red wire (center pin) on the 3-wire cable connected to the Victor is an open circuit.
  • There is no reason to disconnect the red wire in the cable.
  • The Victor does not source or draw power on the red wire.
  • Outputs
    Power one motor with variable speed forward, reverse, or off.
    Our Speed Controllers can NOT be used with Brushless motors.
    CAD File
    0.22 lb
    Other Info
    Use a PWM Signal Driver to ensure the signal from your receiver is Victor compatible.

    Warning - Applying more than 5V to a PWM Signal Driver will damage it.

    Do not use a PWM Signal Driver with any VEX Microcontrollers, VEXpro, Signal Splitters, or any receivers or mixers that supply more than 5V to the PWM Signal Driver as damage will occur.

  • Nominal Voltage - 12V
  • Min/Max Voltage - 6-15V
  • Continuous Current - 60A
  • Surge Current (2 sec) - 150A
  • PWM Input Pulse (high time) - 1-2 ms nominal, 0.87-2.14 ms max
  • PWM Input Rate (period) - 2.1-500 ms
  • PWM Output Chop Rate - 1 KHz
  • Minimum Throttle - 5.4%
  • Fan Voltage Range - 6V - 16V