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BAG Motor

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FRC legal.

The BAG Motor is a motor designed specifically for medium-power applications on FIRST ® Robotics Competition robots. This motor is constructed similarly to the CIM & Mini CIM, with the sealed-case robustness FIRST ® Robotics Competition teams have come to love & trust.

The VersaPlanetary was created with the BAG Motor in mind. Use a 100:1 VersaPlanetary Gearbox to turn the BAG Motor into a low-RPM, high-torque gearmotor ready for use in your application.

  • FIRST ® Robotics Competition Legal
  • 12V DC Motor
  • (1) BAG Motor
1.59” [40.4 mm] diameter, 2.795” [71 mm] long

0.71 lbs [0.32 kg]

Battery In: 12V DC
Output Shaft Size: 4mm (0.157in)
Free Speed: 13,180 rpm (+/- 10%)
Free Current: 1.8A
Maximum Power: 149 W
Stall Torque: 0.4 N-m [3.5 in-lbs]
Stall Current: 53A
Mounting Holes: (2) M4 tapped holes on a 25mm bolt circle


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