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3 CIM Ball Shifter WCD 3rd Stage Kit

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Works with products and accessories.
FRC legal.

The 3 CIM Ball Shifter 3rd Stage Kit can be used to upgrade an existing 2 Stage Ball Shifter to a 3 Stage version. Use the additional gearing options to achieve an even greater reduction while maintaining the same robust lightweight gearbox design.

This kit is compatible with both #25 and #35 chain.

NOTE: Gears not included.

3 CIM Ball Shifter Overall Reductions

The VEXpro 3 CIM Ball Shifter provides three different shifter spread options to teams. These options were chosen specifically to serve the needs of FRC designers. When designing an FRC drivetrain, teams typically try to ensure that the robot low-gear can survive a continuous pushing match (with high traction wheels) without tripping breakers. They then choose a high-gear which is "fast" enough to zip around the field, without being uncontrollable or accelerating too slowly.

The three options provided allow teams to find a balance which makes their high gear as fast as they want it, and gives their low gear as much torque they need.

  • (1) 3 CIM Ball Shifter 3rd Stage Output Plate
  • (1) 3 Stage output shaft
  • (1) Flanged Bearing - 0.500in (Hex) x 1.125in x 0.313in v2
  • (1) Radial Bearing - 0.500in x 1.125in x 0.313in
  • (2) Button Head Screw - .250-20 x .625
  • (2) Button Head Screw - 1/4-20 x 1.250
  • (2) 1/2'' HEX Standoff x 1.875
  • (2) 1/2" Round Standoff x 1.625"
  • (2) TRUARC 5133 Series, E-50 Retaining
  • (2) Button Head Screw, 1/4"-20 x 2.750" Long
  • (2) WCD 3rd Stage Standoff for #35 Chain
  • (2) WCD 3rd Stage Spacer for #35 Chain