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VersaPlanetary Integrated Encoder

Works with products and accessories.
FTC, FRC legal.

Precise robot control just got easier. The VersaPlanetary Integrated Encoder is the simplest way to gain control over your mechanisms with encoder feedback straight from the popular VersaPlanetary gearbox.

The powerful CTR Electronics SRX Magnetic Encoder outputs both relative (quadrature) and absolute (PWM) position signals simultaneously, allowing users to choose depending on their application. It also uses magnets to read position, instead of optical sensors, making it less susceptible to wear over time.

Best of all, the CTRE SRX encoder connects directly to the Talon SRX (using the Talon SRX Data Cable) without the need for a custom interface - it is natively supported in standard Talon SRX firmware.

  • (1) VersaPlanetary Integrated Encoder
  • (2) #8-32 x 2.75" Socket Head Cap Screws
  • 0.25 lbs
Counts Per Revolution: 1024

The VersaPlanetary Integrated Encoder is rated for all approved gear ratios in the VersaPlanetary Load Rating Guide and has a failure torque of greater than 100ft/lbs.

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