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Ball Shifter Mag Encoder Mount Kit

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Compatible with products and accessories.
FTC, FRC legal.

The Mag Encoder is a sensor that measures the rotational position and velocity of the shaft driving your mechanism. After releasing the Mag Encoder a few years ago, we received a ton of positive feedback from the FRC community. However, you also told us that there was not an easy way to actually mount the mag encoder to a ball shifter. That is now a thing of the past with the Ball Shifter Mag Encoder Mount.

This mount allows users to easily mount a Mag Encoder to any existing VEXpro Ball Shifter. No need to modify any of the Ball Shifters that you already own! Now you can easily add a Mag Encoder to your ball shifter, and it only takes a few minutes to install.

(1) MagEncoder Ball Shifter Mounting Bracket
(2) #8-32 Nylock Nut
(2) Radial Bearing - 0.250" x 0.375" x 0.125"

Glass-Filled Nylon

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