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VersaPlanetary Ratchet Kit

In stock
Works with products and accessories.
FRC, VEX U legal.

Ratchet wrenches should be used to build your robot, not built into them. This simple add-on slice allows you to make any VersaPlanetary gearbox drive in only one direction.

Unlike a ratcheting wrench, we’ve designed the VersaPlanetary Ratchet Slice to be as easy to release as possible. Just take the load off the ratchet, press the button, and the VersaPlanetary will spin in both directions again. Release the button, and the VersaPlanetary goes back to ratcheting.

Inside, the ratchet itself is symmetrical. This means you can decide which direction the VersaPlanetary spins just by flipping the pawl. No need to completely disassemble your entire VersaPlanetary to change directions!

Note: This product does NOT need to be greased.


Output Shaft Max Backdrive Torque
N-m Failure Mode
1/2" Hex 89 120 VersaPlanetary Housing Yields
1/2" Round 89 120 VersaPlanetary Housing Yields
3/8" Hex 42 56 Shaft Yields
CIM Shaft 21 28 Shaft Yields
*Note: 7:1, 9:1 and 10:1 gear sets will yield at 74 Ft-Lbs (100,N-m).
  • (1) VersaPlanetary Ratchet Housing
  • (1) VersaPlanetary Ratchet Gear
  • (2) VersaPlanetary Pawl
  • (2) VersaPlanetary Crush Spacer
  • (6) VersaPlanetary Ratchet Compression Springs
  • VersaPlanetary Ratchet Housing - Glass Filled Nylon
  • VersaPlanetary Ratchet Gear & Pawl - SMF 5040 Steel

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