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775 Connect

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Works with products and accessories.
FRC legal.

We’ve partnered with our friends at The Robot Space to develop a new version of their 775 Connect! This revision kept many features of the original design, such as protecting the motor terminals, giving teams a connector option and the ability to clock the connector around the motor.

However, we’ve made a few enhancements. For example, the PCB has been redesigned to handle 100A for over 30 seconds, and the connectors now come pre-soldered on the board. No more having to solder the contacts in and snap the housing over.

  • (1) 775 Connect PCB Spacer
  • (1) 775 Connect Cover
  • (1) 775 Connect PCBA w/ Connectors
  • (4) PB M2.6 x 10mm Self-Tapping Screw
  • 0.04 lbs

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