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10T Steel Spur Gear (10 DP, 1/2" Hex)

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Works with products and accessories.
FRC legal.

Want to make your own turret and arm gears on your router, but you're struggling to find a gear that'll drive it? Try our 10T 10 DP gear. 10 DP gears have large enough radii that teams can easily manufacture their own 10 DP gears. The 10T 10 DP gear is made of 4140 steel and is meant to drive 10 DP gears teams manufacture on their own.

As an added bonus, you can find STEP files of sample 10 DP gears under the "CAD Files" tab. These models are meant to be a starting point teams can use for their own custom gears. These models feature the true involute gear profile rather than an approximation that many CAD programs generate. This means that your custom manufactured gear will run smoother when meshing with our 10T 10 DP gear. 

  • 4140 Steel
  • Black Nitride
  • 0.06 lbs

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