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3/8" Hex to 1/2" Hex Sleeve (5-pack)

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Works with products and accessories.
VEX U, VAIC, FTC, FRC legal.
Do you have something with a 1/2" Hex Bore, but you need it to be a 3/8" Hex Bore? Try the 1/2" Hex to 3/8" Hex sleeve. This sleeve allows you to convert any 1/2" Hex Bore item to 3/8" Hex.
  • Need a 3/8" Hex Bore gear, but only have the 1/2" Hex Bore version? Sleeve it.
  • Prototyping and want to quickly try a different size pulley, but you only have it in 1/2" Hex? Sleeve it.
  • (5) 3/8" Hex to 1/2" Hex Sleeves
  • Steel
  • Black Oxide

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