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Our Values

Our Values

More than a set of principles or a list of aspirations;
these values define our company's personality.

Core Values

Driven by our founders, these values make up the core of our culture. They are at the heart of everything we do and every decision we make.

Bold Creativity

We believe everyone should push for the right solution, not settle for the easy solution. We emphasize creativity early in the problem solving process to challenge conventional knowledge and find exceptional solutions.


Continuous improvement is a way of life here. Quick and dirty prototypes are crucial for a great design. More iteration and improvement cycles result in a better solution. We celebrate failures as opportunities for learning.


We like it when things do what they're supposed to do. We like the fact that VEX products "just work." We want the VEX name to be a promise which says, "this is something great" and exceeds expectations, every time.

Evolved Values

As our company has grown, we've recognized what makes us who we are. Many of these are natural off-shoots of our core values.

Exceptional Moments

We're a company of change makers who take initiative. Our employees push to achieve our company's mission and strive for greatness, providing exceptional moments along the way.

Diverse Collaboration

We know that diverse perspectives are critical for creative problem solving. Our team is built to work cohesively, valuing iteration and celebrating failures as opportunities for learning.

Pursuit of Excellence

Simple and flexible enough for any educational need, and powerful enough for our customers' requirements. We aim to deliver beautifully engineered experiences at the right value.

Customer Driven

We do everything we can to make sure our customers have a great experience with our brand. If we make a mistake, we take responsibility to correct it immediately. This is our promise.

Make It Happen

We value employees that can do more with less and take the scrappy approach to success. We appreciate adversity and in the face of uncertain challenges, we still get the job done.


Many of our employees directly support competitive robotics programs in their free time through mentorship and volunteerism. We view our work as more than a job - it's a calling.