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2 CIM Ball Shifter

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Highly compact 2 CIM version of our battle-tested two-speed transmission. Ball-lock shifter enables seamless “on-the-fly” shifting at full speed in a compact, light & durable package. Uses a long or short v2 shifter shaft.


* some product options are currently out of stock

VEXpro Ball Shifters provide a battle-proven 2-speed gearbox for easy integration into any FRC robot drivetrain. By utilizing a ball-lock style shifter, this gearbox is capable of “on-the-fly” shifting even when at full throttle. The VEXpro 2 CIM Ball Shifter includes mounting for one or two CIM-style motors. Three carefully selected ratio options allow for maximum versatility.

Every aspect of this transmission was designed with size in mind. The 2 CIM Ball Shifter puts a 2-speed transmission into a tiny, lightweight form factor. The ball lock shifting method reduces the gap between the two gear reductions and allows for an extremely narrow assembly. The gear reductions were specifically chosen to reduce the overall transmission size and complexity while remaining highly efficient due to the AGMA 11 quality gears with teflon infused ceramic coating.

  • Weight: 2.50 lbs
  • Ball-lock shifter method enables smooth shifting, even at full speed
  • Designed for use with one or two CIM Motors
  • Housing is completely enclosed - keeps metal chips out, grease in
  • Face mount or install using the included mounting angle
  • Designed to mount a Grayhill 63R series encoder (can be adapted for any encoder with male 1/4" shaft)
  • Assembly Required, see instructions below
  • Encoders, Motors, Cylinder not included

Note: A pneumatic shifting cylinder and fitting kit is not included in the Ball Shifter kit.
Be sure to add these below in the "Pneumatic Cylinder & Fitting Options" category if needed.

Initial Stage: 40:12
High Gear Stage: 44:40
Low Gear Stage: 60:24

3rd Stage Option 1: 64:20
3rd Stage Option 2: 60:24
3rd Stage Option 3: 54:30
3rd Stage Option 4: 50:34

GearboxOverall High Gear ReductionOverall Low Gear ReductionSpread
3-Stage 64:2011.733:126.667:12.27x
3-Stage 60:249.167:120.833:12.27x
3-Stage 54:306.601:114.999:12.27x
3-Stage 50.345.392:112.255:12.27x

The 2.27x spread between low and high gears in the VEXpro 2 CIM Ball Shifter was specifically chosen to serve the needs of FRC designers. When designing an FRC drivetrain, teams typically try to ensure that the robot low-gear can survive a continuous pushing match (with high traction wheels) without tripping breakers. They then choose a high-gear which is "fast" enough to zip around the field, without being uncontrollable or accelerating too slowly. After doing detailed market research, we learned that many teams have found themselves frustrated and limited by the typical spreads found in some of the "off the shelf" shifters on the market. When their low-gear is at the right speed, the high-gear is too fast, or when their high-gear is in the right spot their low-gear is too slow. Not anymore; this shifter is right where FRC robots need it to be.

Some of these parts and kits are included with Ball Shifters, check the Kit Contents list below for details.

The 2 CIM Ball Shifter 3rd Stage Kit can be used to upgrade an existing 2 Stage Ball Shifter to a 3 Stage version.

Encoder output spins at 3x the speed of the 2 CIM Ball Shifter output shaft. The gear ratio is 36:12 between the encoder and shaft.

2-Stage Ball Shifter (217-2428):

3-Stage Ball Shifter (217-2615):

  • Gears: 7075 T6 Aluminum with teflon infused ceramic coating
  • CIM Input Gear: 4140 Steel
  • Shafts: 7075 T6 Aluminum
  • Shifter Housing: Glass-filled Nylon

2-Stage: 2.50 lbs with pneumatic cylinder, no motors

  • 217-2751 (VEXpro Ball Shifter Hardware Kit): 0.116 lb
  • 217-2616 (Ball shifter Housing kit): 0.52 lb
  • 217-2792 (Ball Shifter Long Output Shaft Assembly): 0.632 lb
  • 217-3099 (12t CIM Motor Gear (Steel) w/ Mounting Hardware): 0.083 lb
  • 217-2703 (24t Gear with 3/8" Hex bore): 0.053 lb
  • 217-2707 (40t Gear with 3/8" Hex bore): 0.119 lb
  • 217-2733 (Flanged Bearing - 0.375" x 0.875" x 0.280"): 0.031 lb
  • 217-2731 (Flanged Bearing - 0.500" x 1.125" x 0.313"): 0.058 lb
  • 217-2789 (Flanged Bearing - 0.750" x 1.375" x .437"): 0.091 lb
  • 217-1699 (Ball Shifter Pneumatic Hardware Kit): 0.1 lb
  • 217-1718 (Ball Shifter Encoder Hardware Kit): 0.076 lb

3-Stage: 3.05 lbs with pneumatic cylinder, no motors

  • 217-2793 (Ball Shifter Short Output Shaft Assembly): 0.608 lb
  • 217-2704 (24t Gear with 1/2" Hex bore): 0.046 lb
  • 217-3574 (60t Gear with 1/2" Hex bore): 0.262 lb
  • 217-2796 (Ball Shifter 3rd Stage Bearing & Hardware Kit): 0.295 lb
  • 1/2" Hex

VEXpro gears require lubrication. We recommend white lithium grease.