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Clamping Bearing Blocks (5 choices)

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FTC, FRC legal.

In recent years, the "West Coast Drive" (WCD) has exploded in popularity among FIRST ® Robotics Competition teams. With their cantilevered wheels and direct-driven axles, teams using this iconic drivetrain style have risen to the top of the competition with remarkable success; however, the precision machining capabilities necessary can cause reluctance among some teams.

VEXpro and West Coast Products (WCP) have teamed up to solve this problem. The VersaBlock V2 easily bolts on to the outside of the pre-drilled VersaChassis tubing - no precision machining needed to achieve a precision aligned drivetrain. The VersaBlock V2 also allows for an 96 tooth, 20 DP gear spacing. This makes it easy for you to create gear reductions without needing complex machining operations. As an added bonus, you can use the VersaBlock V2 with the Plastic Clamping Gearbox to create simple and modular CIM and Mini CIM gearboxes inline with 1” x 2” tubing.

For users who prefer the traditional “milled slot” approach, the 2-piece WCP Side Bearing Block provides a lightweight and compact solution. The 1-piece WCP Gearbox Bearing Block is a similar version, intended to be used directly with WCP WCD-configured gearboxes.

When paired with the WCP Cam to ensure proper tensioning, all teams now have access to a complete, high-performance, "West Coast"-style Drive.

* some product options are currently out of stock
Grouped product items
Product Name SKU Qty
VersaBlock Kit VersaBlock Kit
Out of stock
VersaBlock v2 Kit VersaBlock v2 Kit
Out of stock
WCP Side Bearing Block Kit WCP Side Bearing Block Kit
WCP Gearbox Bearing Block WCP Gearbox Bearing Block
Plastic Clamping Bearing Block Plastic Clamping Bearing Block

VersaBlock Kit (217-3432):

  • (2) VersaBlock Halves
  • (2) #10-32 Bolts

VersaBlock v2 Kit (217-6111):

  • (2) VersaBlock v2 Halves
  • (2) #10-32 Bolts

VersaBlock Mini Kit (217-5852):

  • (2) VersaBlock Mini Halves
  • (4) #8-32 x 1.500" Socket Head Cap Screws
  • (4) #8-32 Nyloc Nut

WCP Side Bearing Block Kit (217-3436):

  • (1) WCP Side Bearing Block Front
  • (1) WCP Side Bearing Block Back
  • (2) #10-32 x 1.375" Flat Head Cap Screw

WCP Gearbox Bearing Block (217-3634):

  • (1) WCP Gearbox Bearing Block

Plastic Clamping Bearing Block (217-4155):

  • (2) Plastic Bearing Block Half
  • (3) #10-32 Jam Nut
  • (3) #10-32 X 1.375" Socket Head Bolt
  • VersaBlock Kit - 6061 T-6 Aluminum
  • VersaBlock v2 Kit - 6061 T-6 Aluminum
  • WCP Bearing Blocks - 6061 T-6 Aluminum
  • Plastic Clamping Bearing Block - Glass Filled Nylon
  • Bearing Blocks - Black Anodized>/li>
  • WCP Cam - Black Oxide
  • VersaBlock Mini Kit (217-5852) - 0.13 lb
  • VersaBlock v2 Kit (217-6111) - 0.19 lb
  • WCP Side Bearing Block Kit (217-3436) - 0.14 lb
  • WCP Gearbox Bearing Block (217-3634) - 0.13 lb
  • Plastic Clamping Bearing Block (217-4155) - 0.15 lb

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