Beginning April 1, 2019, VEX Robotics will begin collecting sales tax in compliance with the recent South Dakota vs. Wayfair ruling. To register as tax exempt, please submit your information to This must be completed prior to placing an order in order for it to be considered tax exempt.

BEST Robotics Competition Products

VEX Robotics is proud to be a supplier to the BEST Robotics Competition. BEST Robotics has adopted the powerful VEX Cortex Microcontroller, VEXnet Joystick and other accessories that will take BEST Robots to the next level. For more information on the partnership between VEX and BEST, read the press release here.

All of the products below are available for purchase at retail by BEST teams. The products are identical to what was supplied to BEST Hubs, however when these products are purchased directly from VEX Robotics they are not returnable at the end of a BEST season.

Check the current BEST Robotics Competition rules for details on using the products below in a competition.